Six Years of Theater-going and Theoretical Game boards : The Beginning of a Golden Era (1st Bottle)

And more pieces that don’t make sense unless you’ve read everything up to this point.

While a great deal no naku koro ni related, and as intriguing as they are, I don’t particularly want it to be seen as only that, but a series of commentaries. What one takes away from stories. The key word is general. I find that to be more meaningful than focusing on a single story. It is also mentioned that everything written is extensively long and is best understood for anyone is familiar or who has read these stories and the commentary here over the years otherwise they’ll make little sense. For those who don’t, these entries are not addressed to you, for those who do carry on.  Continue reading

Umineko Twilight 49 – Intellectual Masturbation (Adventures of the Cynical Detective)

A full game of chess explained. A full mystery narrated and solved.

I remembered the good times, I remembered the mystery, I remember locked rooms, I remember duct tapes. I remember glorious EP5 and its mystery-centric doses. Whatever happened to that? Right after EP5 I’ve been thinking how much I wanted the guy to write a straight-up mystery for his next work. It’s not everyday that an author provides an actual mystery in order for the readers to crack in order to move forward. There is something truly lost in the process of the art of theorizing in these mysteries when most of the time one only gives a shorter version of the reasoning done. Explaining your whole train of thought in the most detailed manner possible is a challenge. Why did that person say that? What are his reasoning? Umineko Twilight has no questions and has no mystery solving scenarios like the question arcs do but all the same provide one final solvable for the readers to solve. Step by step guide to what goes on. Continue reading

Theory-Crafting Mode Featuring Another

In which an array of possible scenarios and solutions to a problem is discussed.

Another is the Final Destination of Anime with random tragedies, umbrella impaling, creepy-ass dolls, an eyepatch fetish, and parakeet which knows only three words. I’m here to briefly address the situation because I’m already watching this story and because I have the habit of automatically considering the x possibilities to any matter. Yep, it’s as convenient as it sounds. Continue reading

An Usagi in the Dark

It’s a sort of blessing when we follow original projects and  rare material that were never translated because the risk of getting spoiled is limited to null. For being a great show Usagi Drop that it was it also became the most almost-spoiled show of the Summer season because of its hinted shocking finale. How terrible could Usagi Drop’s ending could possibly be? Unsure. I do know this: Every UD manga reader rained on this parade one way or another from day one. Everywhere I went there was someone, much sure, using matter-of-fact-voice, hinting the finale of the manga was terrible. As if hopping through a minefield I avoided finding about what the “real” ending to the story was. For those who won’t or haven’t (like me) read or know the ending this is what I figure the ending of Usagi drop could be about. Continue reading

Ano Hana – Alternatives, Interpretations, and Theories

AnoHana brings an interesting mystery to the table in this Spring. The existence of a supernatural event and the earthy social problems of a group of friends while giving the pieces of what happened on that day. Menma’s existence is already a strange occurrence that could be explained by logical means. My initial theory was, as the story suggests, that Menma was a manifestation of Jinta’s stress as no one person other than himself could see her. That would mean everything could be explained by Jinta’s unstable mental state caused by her childhood’s friend’s death and the later events in his life. The most logical explanation stands out and is solid as it can, however certain unscientific moments regarding Menma’s interaction with the real world prove otherwise. Continue reading