Gentlemen, I Want You to Remember this Day. The Day the World Ended Again


I want you to remember this day. I want you to remember the day of the world ceased to exist for today will be the day where once again the world as it is known will ends again whether known or unbeknownst to the world. Continue reading

A Requiem to All of Them (You Might Have Heard of it)

 The heroic, whimsical, and curious tales of all us

A memorable day, or celebration, a special occasion should not be passed by and right now I have the mission of ensuring that it is paid tribute to the valued companion that in the past two months have recently expired. An associate, to call it that, that we’re familiar with.I know it’s been more than two months, more nine weeks that in internet time that is a large amount of time. But who is really counting and this entry isn’t about me, it is about something else. One that you might have heard of it. But who is this certain obscure yet popular entity you may be asking? I know I know it well and I know you know it too. Really you must’ve heard of it. Continue reading