In Regard to the Liberties taken in horror stories

Where’s Waldo?
Stories allow plenty of liberties to be taken to create plots and maintain the stories by letting events happen and elements to develop. Main characters are the driving force and in the center of the stories and more than often being the why of how things turn out. Sometimes more illogical in nature than logical the liberties taken shape the story when things happen because they happen. This is a in regard to such matters in stories, Another, and the things we’ve come to accept. Continue reading


Top Favorite Voice Actors: Tomokazu Seki


You probably are familiar with the guy. Famous voice actor in the industry and personal favorite of mine. Seki has a cool and relaxed voice that  is fairly easy to recognize and easy to get familiar with.  What’s special about the guy? He has voiced a large range of characters and it’s simply impossible to not have heard of him, but there’s a bit more to that. Continue reading

Blogging Umineko Chiru DAWN – 36 – In which it does [Not] always Follow

“Have no fear. No matter how difficult the crime, I will solve it. That’s a detective’s job.”

Most noble, I know. I know! Mind you, that is followed later by Erika’s facial distortion and brutally sending murder doll Dlanor to destroy a feeble truth. You’d think that normally two Beatrice would equal twice the trolling, huh? However, most unfortunately that isn’t the case. We have chick Beatrice and Elder Beatrice and no signs of Beatroll. Continue reading

Top favorite Voice Actors: Minori Chihara


Chibara Minori, “Minorin”, is a fairly popular voice actor in the anime industry, a singer, and very good looking on top of it. She has a knack for playing the emotionless girl of the show which she is more popular for. Soft spoken and with a few lines, her characters don’t overly “stand out”, yet you know very well that  she is on the show because you can’t really miss the character that sitting at the corner or near the window of the room. Continue reading

Critical Site Changes – Keikakudoori JaP revised edition


Who am I? That’s an easy and difficult question. I’m a casual blogger that happens to have become more devoted to JaP (I think I’ll call it that from now on)  in  last past months leading to where we are now. As you know I’m the only author of this blog so it’s just me and my cat. Ok, I don’t have a cat so it’s really just me and probably a teacup set and chess pieces. What do I write for? Possibly the biggest question you could ask someone who keeps a blog. Everyone has a different reason for doing it. Some to express their opinions, others  wish to only inform, others wish to be understood and appreciated. For said reasons a group put harder effort and time into it than others as they Continue reading