Umineko Requiem 45 – The Rokkenjima Murder Case, S.S Van Dine

Clap. Clap. Clap. Earth to earth. Dust to dust. Illusions to Illusion. Illusions of a witch. Illusions of a crime. Time to take out the black sword that cuts through all the Witch’s illusions. After this see you in two weeks for the final two parts of the 7th Game.  Continue reading


Umineko Requiem 44 – The Day the Witch Revived

Ah, sometimes you’re no fun, Bernkastel

Let’s stop the theatergoing and let’s get back business. We’re jumping straight to the matter at hand. Requiem has to be next to EP5 the most anti fantasy episode thus far. We’ve had our share of clashes between fantasy side vs. anti fantasy side vs. Mystery  Continue reading

Blogging Umineko DAWN – 40 – Screw You Guys We’re Going Home [FINAL]

“I’m [-] I may be an uninvited guest, but please, welcome me.”

Except the actual going. Time to put the lid on Dawn. The When they Cry has a way of sending the characters I like into oblivion, this is no expectation. It sure isn’t.  Dammit, it sure isn’t. My dear detective I’ll miss you the most.  Dawn, Dawn so many things I rather not say about it, more things I should be saying after Requiem.  I waited for EP7 to be fully translated before finishing Dawn because there were too many loose ends. It’s just the way it works. Don’t ask. Just read on.  This is the End of Dawn.

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Blogging Umineko Chiru DAWN – 39 – Keikaku Logic Error Closed-room Hellhole

TL Note: Schneizel has just made an illegal move.

I can relate. Just saying. Take it from a fellow survivor, don’t watch E8. Impressions: Otherwise known as “chess/shogi madness” and “how many things I can take out of context.” and get away it. Battler, L2GameMaster properly. His GM abilities are asinine. See this is why you aren’t keikaku material, man. Dawn kept getting twisted and twisted until Battler messed up and paid for it. The game’s mystery has already taken odd turns thanks to the current GM. It used to “who dunnit” before Battler turned it into a loltrickyaguys and the cousins are cool now. Thankfully, there’s the mystery part and blue vs red showdown the overall Just as planned effect by the Human’s side to keep the story gripping. On other news, Lambda is impartial in her judgment I think we’ve seen enough proof of that. Oh, btw, there’s also something about Skanon, but you know.

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Blogging Umineko Chiru DAWN – 38 – The Yandere Express

I’ll never look at tape the same ever again. I, Keikakudoori, have spoken.

You called? You’re right, Furfur. You’re right, Zeppar ☆ Everything is due to LOVE~ Didn’t have to wait this long to know that it was gonna happen, I knew Ryukishi07 couldn’t help himself. I just knew it and here it is. Possibility one of the more amusing twists in DAWN, that and still being an Erika centered game. What’d I do otherwise? Meanwhile, I have to appreciate the return of Bernkastel’s 1001 faces and those chopsticks. Yes. Chopsticks I say Continue reading