An Usagi in the Dark

It’s a sort of blessing when we follow original projects and  rare material that were never translated because the risk of getting spoiled is limited to null. For being a great show Usagi Drop that it was it also became the most almost-spoiled show of the Summer season because of its hinted shocking finale. How terrible could Usagi Drop’s ending could possibly be? Unsure. I do know this: Every UD manga reader rained on this parade one way or another from day one. Everywhere I went there was someone, much sure, using matter-of-fact-voice, hinting the finale of the manga was terrible. As if hopping through a minefield I avoided finding about what the “real” ending to the story was. For those who won’t or haven’t (like me) read or know the ending this is what I figure the ending of Usagi drop could be about.

Normally, I wouldn’t assume that a great “good-feeling” series like Usagi Drop could have a bad ending thus any type of reasoning concerning a possible bad ending would be out of the question. Back to the statements hinting at Usagi Drop’s ending being bad or unfitting, this to me sounded exaggerated yet because of the negative response I can only suspect it is a bad ending and likewise if any part of this post sounds exaggerated it is as exaggerated as  the massive negative common reaction I picked up from the anime blogosphere.

Usagi Drop has 9 volumes which I haven’t read a single chapter of, however I assume the anime roughly cover 50-60% of the  original material as it covers the “best” parts of Usagi Drop leaving the many developments the anime never covers alone. By that it either means the anime covered a great portion of the original material which would be a couple of chapters to add new plots to the story limiting it to an abrupt possible ending where awkward twists are added. Assuming the anime cover less than 50% material it’d mean there’s plenty of room for the series to give the story a 180% twist and thus the less the anime covered the more the story is subjected to change.  Without any way of knowing assuming the anime covered roughly 50% of the story would be a rational assumption.

Rin was fated was to become a public deviance no matter what. No other way around it.


Or Worse yet. She turns into Kirino —————–





But let’s mention the star of the show Rin. She’s the most important character in the story and her relationship to Daikichi represents a strong bond between two people. Usagi Drop’s story is simplistic in a good way, heartwarming and one that manages to throw some positive life lessons when the audience less expects it. All is good in UD, and I’d assume it stays that way.

But is where it goes bad or so the negative feedback would indicate. There are ways of knowing what could upset or weird out the audience by applying the idea that no fan enjoys seeing in his/her story, a good main reason is where – authors going against what they preach. Every show has a vibe, a feel, to it and some even have lessons in them. The author makes sure to convey these ideas to the viewers so they can understand what he had in mind for his project. What sometimes happens is that neither the audience nor the author agree with the purpose, to be precise the final development, of the story is.

A Bad End is one that is usually an unfair end for the series. To elaborate an unfair ending is one where everything points out where the story is going but the reader expects to not go that way, yet the story still does. The unfair or bad end is one that makes the reader feel cheated or frustrated because the final conclusion of the story was not what one would generally enjoy.

An Unfitting End can be a bad ending but it falls more in the category of shocking more than anything. An unfitting end is an awkward conclusion that is far from what the audience could have imagined. It is unexpected and random. It confuses the viewer more than anything. There might not necessarily exist clues pointing out to this ending yet the series ends this way. Because of its confusing and unexpected nature the reader is completely left confused as to why the author chose this as the conclusion for his project. A general feeling of, was that awkward.

Better Ending: Rin moves to Natsume Yūjinchō’s show and becomes a supporting character

Usagi Drop’s story can steadily continue as it is meaning that by the end of the story Rin is likely to only be a year or two older near the end of the story. The second guess is that  we’d have a grown up Rin with some twist added by the time the story ends. The third possibility is having a fair number of the chapters focused on a teenager Rin, seeing that the series is about young Rin this sounds fairly off what Usagi Drop is. Seeing that story is more likely to be centered on Rin’s life as a kid it fits UD’s story better to be more centered on what happens to Rin during that time. And so a possible list of endings and twists are generated.

  • Bad end – We jump ahead 10 years into the future when by then Rin’s personality has changed from innocent and good hearted Rin to smarty-pants, rebel, and self-absorbed Rin. Rin follows her mom’s footsteps.
  • Rin goes back with her mother – UD didn’t quite completely denied this possibility. Either willingly, by force or legally Rin’s mother takes her back. Rin who is still a minor is subjected to what the law says so she stays with her. Long story short Rin is taken away from Daikichi and those close to her and moves away. A drama is soon to follow with a family that doesn’t get her. Either way Rin leaves.
  • Daikichi is no more – As bad as it sounds, there’s no worse ending than someone close to Rin dying in which case Daikichi is the one closest and dearest to her. A fair amount of stories have sad endings similar to this one and it’d be no surprise if it’d happen in UD based on some of the negative feedback. This will also mean that Rin will go back to her mother either way though unlikely.
  • Rin passes away – Just plain bad news. I’m personally against this type of ending for I don’t remember any story where the lead dies that didn’t make feel all crappy inside. I don’t think Usagi Drop needs this type of dramatic ending moreso when its story promotes hope.
  • Might as well – We jump into the future where we can see an older Rin as she’s quietly resting on a rocking chair staring at a photograph. Curtains fall.
  • Suddenly, Incest – Incest ends all good relationships and turn them into this awkward environment in a regular story. Incest in Usagi Drop? Take your pick but I rather simply put it on the table and not look into it too much. Correct, this will be the most akward possibly finale.

There is the ok-ish, the bad, and the really bad way for a heartwarming series such as Usagi Drop. The anime will always give a positive final ending to the story yet for anyone else who wonders what else is there to the final conclusion there will be those comments hinting a strange awkward ending to this story. Either a product of exaggeration or a clear representation the same sentiment towards the final conclusion that rains on this rabbit parade. Manga readers know better. To the rest of us, the usagi remains in the dark until further notice.

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  1. I had no idea Usagi Drop was based on a controversial manga. This is enlightening, but I think I don’t want to know how it ends if it’s really that bad.
    I’ll be Battler and choose the good end, even if it’s fabricated.

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  3. All of that is OK, but you know the actual ending is a blend of your Bad End and Suddenly, Incest scenarios, don’t you?

  4. If you really want to stay in the dark and so on and so on

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