From a Fan : Zero Escape 3 Must Happen and the Struggle of being Niche


You know what we don’t get enough of? Big figures such as Japanese writers and producers to communicate with western fans.With the times and technology bringing the world even closer together every year, more figures of VN and gaming scene are reaching out to the western fanbase.

This is a good change. I’d love to read and follow what big Japanese writers and producers are saying yet the language barrier has always proven to be something difficult to overcome, for many fans this is the same. Zero Escape sequel being on hold with an unknown future are terrible news. But you know what? I’m glad that Kotaro Uchikoshi is officially speaking out of the dire Zero Escape situation so everyone is aware of it. He has been responding to fans in English a few times in the past about it but right now he has made an English twitter account especially to communicate with the fans. Continue reading


Ano Hana – Alternatives, Interpretations, and Theories

AnoHana brings an interesting mystery to the table in this Spring. The existence of a supernatural event and the earthy social problems of a group of friends while giving the pieces of what happened on that day. Menma’s existence is already a strange occurrence that could be explained by logical means. My initial theory was, as the story suggests, that Menma was a manifestation of Jinta’s stress as no one person other than himself could see her. That would mean everything could be explained by Jinta’s unstable mental state caused by her childhood’s friend’s death and the later events in his life. The most logical explanation stands out and is solid as it can, however certain unscientific moments regarding Menma’s interaction with the real world prove otherwise. Continue reading