Book of Shadows is not the sequel Corpse Party deserved but the sequel it needed


I confess am one of those awfully strange individuals who is of the outlandish opinion that horror ought to have a story, events that one can remember, and why not, characters who one can, fictional and hand-drawn as they may be, be memorable and important. Point is that the audience shouldn’t always believe all that the characters they are reading in a horror are going to perish horribly just because they inevitably are. Regardless of the outcome I would ask horror titles to not be so blatant about it. It’s possible they won’t meet their unspeakable demise. There is the possibility that somewhere there is a good end that no one expected it. That choice is up to the story. The final result only known the moment it happens – hard to predict, obscure. Continue reading

The Theory of the Diligent Student (Thou shalt attend school)

You can (not) go to school

For as long as I can remember young fictional protagonists with the mission to complete their academic duties have been rigorously attending school despite all odds. Hindered by implausible situations, aliens, nude characters that appear in one’s room because clothing doesn’t travel well between dimensions, and fantastic formidable foes illegally visiting the planet from unknown worlds because one dimension is not enough, the path to successfully graduate is nothing short of problematical and arduous one. Continue reading

The Theory of Villains with Codes and Honor

Jojo Bizzare Adventure 2012 Wham ACDC Cars villains

You know what the details I appreciate about JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure? The villains who aren’t too hung up on rhetorically asking “how is it possible for them to lose to such person” as a white background takes over. It’s cheap. Cliché. Unsatisfactory. Instead the villains their hardest to last a bit longer even after being defeated to cause the biggest possible damage to the protagonist, clinging to life until the last ounce of their existence is completely and utterly vanished from the world. However, what I appreciate more are the codes they adhere by despite being their roles. Just because you’re a villain figure does not mean you can forget all about codes. Continue reading

Regarding a Narrator Series and of Known and Unnamed Narrators

Narration is a fundamental part of storytelling. It shapes the story, creates the mood, explains details otherwise not noticed or mentioned by the story. By focusing on particular events and telling a story it explains the events leading up to that point, often also explaining why they are relevant. Narration is essential, I’ve read it before and experienced it myself in different mediums. A great deal of stories wouldn’t have as much impact without proper narrative. It is with the same idea in mind that I wish to recreate something similar to narrative via writing – such project is the Narration Series. Continue reading

In other words Psycho-Pass is a prequel to Jouka no Monshou

I view Urobuchi Gen’s writing is bold, unapologetic, and raw. Someone who writes pieces that stand out from the others, constantly differentiating himself as a writer. Imagination isn’t a quality he lacks. With the huge buzz around Urobuchi Gen‘s new project “Psycho-Pass” more than one was expecting for a new bold project to surprise more than one while others were expecting Urobuchi to shake the very foundations of current anime. All that remaining to be seen. Continue reading