In Regard to the Liberties taken in horror stories

Where’s Waldo?
Stories allow plenty of liberties to be taken to create plots and maintain the stories by letting events happen and elements to develop. Main characters are the driving force and in the center of the stories and more than often being the why of how things turn out. Sometimes more illogical in nature than logical the liberties taken shape the story when things happen because they happen. This is a in regard to such matters in stories, Another, and the things we’ve come to accept. Continue reading


Theory-Crafting Mode Featuring Another

In which an array of possible scenarios and solutions to a problem is discussed.

Another is the Final Destination of Anime with random tragedies, umbrella impaling, creepy-ass dolls, an eyepatch fetish, and parakeet which knows only three words. I’m here to briefly address the situation because I’m already watching this story and because I have the habit of automatically considering the x possibilities to any matter. Yep, it’s as convenient as it sounds. Continue reading