FREEZING – Everything You Need to Know Chart

Seeing I already read manga I see no reason of why not deciding on making a chart for anime adaptations and what to expect of them every now and then. Reading this will save you many hours.

So since I’ve already read the manga to the latest chapters. This Freezing TV and why you should bother with it or not.

Technical stuff – that should’ve been introduced later on. Freezing TV is awfully specific for a first episode. Whatever you need to know is explained later on it becomes mandatory to explain what the heck is going on. Btw, there was never a such long “tour” in the manga telling you info you “need to know now”. It jumps right to the moment when Aoi meets (and process to bury his face into) Satellizer.

Siscon’s complex – Seen it. Hated it. You’ll be pleased to know that Aoi doesn’t have that much of siscon complex. There are times when he recalls events from the past mainly his sister (nothing about his family) but this decreases with the story.

That Im Dal Young’s male leads are insufferable – I think should know this because god.. it is so true. His stories can be amazingly entertaining to read but the thing you have to bear is the main male character’s jerkish and moronic attitude that will make you contemplate the idea of dropping the anime/manga because of them. Fortunately Freezing’s lead doesn’t have that retarted attitude. I won’t deny his whining won’t get excessive at some point but whatever the wrong he does he manages to fix it. How the anime makes him look is another story. This is not KUROMAMI.

Contracts/Pandoras – There must be contracts in anime. “Limiter” (male) Pandora (female) – Scary powerful guy saves girl from lunatics, etc. Or magical girl descends from the heavens to save spineless guy from those who are out to get him. Freezing a more flexible contract system in which one chooses his/her partner and they don’t break up until they graduate or one of them dies, whatever happens first. Hint. They usually die first. (Yep, people die in this show)

Satellizer enjoys beating up her comrades – Mainly Ep1. Wrong. It made it look like Satellizer was some cold hearted murderous bitch. What was that 10-20 Pandoras that were beaten? Excessive amount of T&A shots for an excessive amount of characters that weren’t in the first place. As for Satellizer there’re rumors about it and some “incidents” where she’s involved where one is led to be believe in her cruelty but nothing proven.

Badass eye patch – Only wears once which is what one chapter or two? Her eye is fine. She isn’t missing one either. False advertisement, man.

Dere Dere Satellizer – Tsundere no matter how powerful can go dere even if the world is at stake. Satellizer is no exception. Actually I wouldn’t consider her much of a huge tsundere, when she isn’t making scary faces while fighting her comrades she has this ridiculously cute and vulnerable look on her face. Plenty of those situations.

Glasses – No idea if Satellizer actually needs glasses or not. They just look right for her. I kind of feel should know this.

That student council – School life is still present no what era we’re in. The upper class will be out to get Satellizer. There’s plenty of chapters (or episodes) of that. You will be seeing this a LOT until the Nova Arc.

Look she’s shinning!

Changes – No Nova Elfen Lied looking mode but a cheap light blue light instead. Ha. Because they get in the way of fanservice. Right.

That having clothing is a hassle – I think should know this. They say that they’re like the military forces but they all wear school uniforms and short skirts. Clothing being torn off just to regenerate itself after a few seconds just for the sake of is something you’ll only be seeing much of it in the anime. Whatever gets torn usually stays torn until the battle is over.

Freezing is like Queens Blade, right? – No NO NO. It isn’t QB unless you think QG was good. Excessive fanservice in the anime. The fanservice IS without question indisputably existent, it does not however takes half the screen. In some cases the manga actually isn’t that fixated on showing you the goods and what’s everyone wearing today. Oh I know weird! Whatever animated Freezing shows you is exaggerated. Remember that. Now if that’s not a problem then proceed with ease. I think you should know this.

Plot – There’s two sections in which Freezing is divided: School life drama and  Fighting Novas. Everything else happens in between. Don’t forget those two because you’ll be seeing plenty of.. the first.

School drama – Problem at school where Satellizer happens to be at the center of it because everyone is out to get her because of misunderstandings and because not everyone is a fan. The in between fights before the big events are interesting to watch but at the same time there’s going to be plenty of it. Plenty of it. Anime only will likely see a lot of this.

The Meaty part of the show – The Novas only officially appear in Vol.5 and not before. Anything before that are flashbacks. If you’re in ONLy for novas vs pandoras plot then you’ll have to wait for a 2nd season or hope the anime skips a lot of scenes to get to it. You’ve been warned.

– What you can really expect of Freezing TV –

It goes without saying that Don’t expect a solid plot. Do expect plenty of violence and gore (the 1st ep of the anime added more). Do expect fights between Bridgette Satellizer and the other Pandoras and internal problems. I stress that part because it takes 4 Volumes where similar events happen. Don’t be surprised in case the TV version shows plenty of that, rather expect it. Don’t except Freezing to be once a week destroy Novas show because it isn’t. The anime won’t be covering much of it unless the cut to the chase.

Be surprised if the anime skips to the later events. According to Wiki there’s 9 Vol. out therefore the TV could make it half way there  assuming they don’t spend too much time in the 1st volumes which they already are. The TV version is only 12 eps so it isn’t likely you’ll be seeing much. Personally I think they should, though it doesn’t mean they will. Lastly, Be surprised if the anime plot turns out to be completely different than the manga (so far it isn’t much) In that case you can check this Guide to corroborate that.

This is what you can expect from Freezing.


10 thoughts on “FREEZING – Everything You Need to Know Chart

  1. I read the manga as well and that’s why I’m not too into the anime adaptation. Considering how the pacing usually works in this shows and how I agree with you about it won’t cover much, I’ll pass on this.
    The first volumes always bugged me with all that school drama and senseless fights until things got serious.

      • Nah, it was just the stormfest of spoilers, fake images, and /jp/ mistranslating a lot of things. The madness of the first days after the release of EP8 were quite fun.
        I could make things a bit clearer, considering how I’m spoiling myself with some summaries from a kind soul at AnimeSuki… but it’s better if I don’t go into any detail, for the sake of everyone who wants to avoid spoilers until the English patch is done.

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  4. So is the Anime completely different from the Manga? If not, then how far is the Manga in comparison from the Anime?

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