What the Summer 2012 is Based on Titles (The 2nd Pilot)

Love songs about fish • A god who was poor • A person who was Not-Nobunaga • Fortune tellers,  onomatopoeia, and artworks. All the possibilities.

I’d ask myself how long has it been since the last entry and since I had stopped counting but I was not in the first place.

What the Season is Based on Titles, the <Insert Title Here>, most ironically – still a working title but I was pretty much sure it does hit the nail on the head sure enough so it won’t be changed until I come up with something better. What is What the Season is based on Titles? A project very much alive and kicking which has not been dropped, neither has it been put on hold. Oh good heaves, no. Nooo. Continue reading

What the Spring 2012 Anime Season is based on the titles

Suppose there were no summaries. Suppose there were no info databases. Suppose there are only titles and titles alone. This is it.

There are reviews for ongoing Anime Season shows, but there aren’t many reviews who only write about them based on the titles. Fans usually read titles before the plot descriptions, before the characters in it, before the incoming spoilers. If an Anime Season had to based on titles alone the first impressions will be completely different from what they would normally be. It’s time for claim vs. reality, X vs. actuality, and a whole lot of out of context material. Continue reading