Umineko Twilight 49 – Intellectual Masturbation (Adventures of the Cynical Detective)

Finally it is time to reveal the truth and solve this mystery in its entirety.

1st Twilight’s : Mansion, dinning Room

– 6 victims from the first twilight
– The door was locked. It was then unlocked when the rest arrived. It is a locked-room.
– In the room there were the six victims. Each child confirmed his/her parents’ death.
– Nothing suspicious was found in the room.
– All master keys can only be used the servants. No exceptions or loopholes.

As mentioned there were six victims from first twilight. We verified the two servants were not culprits, thus telling the truth thus, the door was really locked making it a locked room. The culprit must’ve killed six then locked the door after him. This is the conclusion we would normally reach after learning that nothing suspicious was found in the dining hall and so nothing broken (such as the windows) was found.

However, and this the most interesting part, in this mystery the only way to lock doors is using master keys which only the servants carry and they cannot be stolen from them. This tells us that for the doors to have been locked (as it was) a servant must have locked the door without knowing what happened inside. Because we have found that no servant is a culprit, based on the evidence found it. This is the explanation that makes most sense.

The culprit did not leave the room after he committing a crime. Proof of this are still locked doors. The crime from the twilight happens after, as usual, Natsuhi and Krauss, headed to their rooms. Explanation why. Natsuhi and Krauss decided to stick together to be safer, but to no avail as the culprit got them –

2nd Twilight : The two dead in Natsuhi’s room.

Howdunnit. The culprit went in and went for a certain kill shooting the two either in the heart or in the head. It is unknown what happens to the culprit at this point. What the story tells us is that door was locked when everyone arrived. Based on the servant’s statements we believe it to be true. Based on the servants’ statement they can all “confirm” alibis for each other too. Gohda, Kumasawa, Shannon, and Kanon are not culprits in this is proven by their deaths later on, therefore their statements tell the true. That leaves us the other five survivors.

The door was locked therefore the culprit could not have left after he killed the two unless as it might’ve happened in the previous twilight, a servant locked up after the culprit. This is theory is simply false as no servant is a culprit. They said that even though they searched everywhere and they couldn’t find anything in the room. True or false? False but not because they were lying but because they haven’t checked thoroughly enough. Another critical part already mentioned is all windows having steel bars from the beginning meaning that no culprit could’ve entered any of the rooms in the mansion other than through the doors. The culprit is the same culprit from the 1st twilight. None of the survivors found the culprit.

After they sealed the mansion and moved to the guesthouse the murders should’ve abruptly stopped as the culprit should still be in the mansion yet the crimes continue, meaning the culprit ought to be one of the survivors. Or someone who faked his/her death from the 1st twilight who was not trapped inside Natsuhi’s room. Shannon’s death being confirmed by the red symbolizes that she wasn’t a culprit. Because no one has an alibi the culprit’s identity cannot be pinned down at this moment. That is, expect for one person who could’ve done it other than the two culprits from the 1st twilight..

Now there’s the crimes at the guest house. How did they happen? A culprit got in the killed two then a bit later also killed Dr. Nanjo. All the crimes happened inside the guest house and no one saw the culprit. There are a few ways the culprit could’ve gotten in: 1) culprit was inside the guest house before everyone arrived therefore the importance of windows being locked becomes irrelevant. 2) The culprit was let in through the door by another culprit who then killed two. 3) Another culprit unlocked one of windows so the culprit could get in. 4) It wasn’t necessary for the culprit to enter the guesthouse thus the victims were killed outside of it.

There are many ways to spin this around but only a few that makes more sense than others.

For example, there wasn’t enough time for the culprit to go into the mansion after the first or second twilight, therefore the culprit of the first twilight could not have gone ahead of everyone else to the guest house. Second proof. The door of the guesthouse was probably locked too making it only possible to enter it after a servant unlocked it.

The culprit was not let in by any of the survivors into the guest house. Remember the only people alive are the survivors and they are all inside the guesthouse. Everyone else is dead therefore no one would be outside of the guesthouse except the culprit. The two victims did not let the culprit in. The victims would not have left the guest house under any circumstances because it was the safest place. Simply by the same logic the two couldn’t have been killed outside of the guest house as they wouldn’t leave the place for the same reason therefore that only leaves us with the last possibility.

Somehow the culprit got is what the mystery told us. And if he wasn’t inside the guesthouse already and he didn’t go through the main door then. 1) The culprit is one of the survivors currently in the guesthouse who killed the two. 2) The culprit accomplice let in the outside culprit.

Dr. Nanjo’s death occurs in the guesthouse meaning the culprit was still around after he killed the two. Now, either it was the same culprit or it was another culprit who killed him. The question is who really out of the two did it? The survivors highly stress that it was impossible for any of them to have killed. By logic assuming it was impossible for any of the survivors to have killed Dr. Nanjo, then by logic the assumption is that it was the culprit who faked his death. We have reached the end of speculation as far as whether or not a culprit fakes his death. There are two different possibilities the moment they reach the guest house because once again the whole building becomes a “locked room”. Assuming it is true that it wasn’t possible for any of the survivors inside the house (specifically from the 5th twilight and on) to be able to have killed the victims it means it was the culprit from previous twilights. By logic if this is certainly true then it must mean that the culprit faked his death on one of the past twilights.

> There’s just a problem with it.

Just how many culprits are there in total? Bernkastel’s mystery tells us to solve a mystery but she doesn’t specify if there is a single culprit or multiple culprits. Is there a limit to the number of culprits? Are we sure there is only one culprit per mystery? There’s a large number of possible combinations but there is one a few that fit the red and purple and leads the reader to solve the mystery.

Let’s assume it was a [single culprit] all along. It goes like this: For the sake argument we’ll call him C, C for culprit (C is either a she or he). C kills six then kills. To accomplish this, for a single person, C would have to be part of the group of survivors. But wait a moment, C could be part of the first group or second who faked his death! Not possible since C will be trapped by the seals after everyone goes to the guest house. C would be unable to continue to do his part as the culprit because of the red binding him to the guest house since the seals would never be broken. And so the police would eventually arrive and he would lose the game. We know how it would play out from there.

You see it is impossible for single culprit to be a good theory because of the purple and red truths. C needs accomplices to be able to carry out the crimes because it is physically impossible for a single person to do do all of this.

COUNTER. It is beyond doubt that there is more than one culprit. There are multiple culprits in this mystery.

But we already knew and we’re just explaining the reasoning. The question is, who is the mastermind and who are the accomplices. The way I see it the possible culprits are divided mainly into two parts: Mansion vs. Guest house suspects.

1st Twilight (Mansion) -> Genji, Hideyoshi, Eva, Rudolf, Kyrie, Rosa,
2nd Twilight (Mansion) -> Natsuhi, Krauss
4th Twilight (outside) -> Shannon, Kanon
5th Twilight (
Guest house) -> Nanjo, Gohda, Kumasawa, Battler, Maria, George, Jessica.

The solution is in the second twilight. Why? Because after they leave for the guesthouse the mansion is sealed up completely so that it is impossible for the culrpit to leave it and go to the guesthouse. The red can be trusted this time as there is always someone who is trapped in the mansion. By this it is clear there is the necessity for more than one culprit for the next twilights to make sense. Coming back to the 2nd twilight, this is the key for the reason that the door was locked when they arrived (not to mention that the servants aren’t culprits) the door was locked from the inside. Since none of the servants are culprits and the windows had steel bars the only possible way to exit it is through the door. The fact the door was locked means the culprit, someone without a master key, was only able to locked it – From the inside – Which means..

The culprit or culprits was inside the room when everyone entered it and the culprit remained inside the room after everyone left the room then left mansion and went to the guesthouse. Because the red states “no one joined” it means that the culprit stayed behind. It is also accepting that the culprit of the first twilight was among the six from the 1st twilight and not one of the survivors.

Now the moment of truth. We want to know who the culprit is. One way to do it is by re-checking who is dead and who isn’t. In other words, who is really dead with certainty? Dust to dust, illusions to illusions.

  • Shannon and Kanon were killed. They are not the culprits, therefore didn’t lie.
  • Kumasawa and Gohda were killed. They are not the culprits, therefore didn’t lie.
  • Nanjo was killed indeed. He is not the culprit, therefore didn’t lie.
  • Jessica is really dead. She is not the culprit, therefore didn’t lie.
  • Both Kanon and Nanjo were not culprits. In conclusion, when they confirmed Genji’s death it was indeed true. Genji is really dead.
  • Eva and Hideyoshi were really murdered. George confirmed their deaths. He also couldn’t kill an adult. They’re all adults thus George couldn’t participate in the twilights.
  • Maria is not a culprit. To be culprit it is necessary to both lie and kill. What Maria said was true. Rosa is dead. Rosa is also not a culprit.
  • Krauss and Natsuhi were really killed, therefore not the culprits. Not to mention it was impossible for them to leave their rooms, let alone the mansion.

Huh, that only leaves us.

Kyrie and Rudolf.

It makes perfect sense with this set up.

Bernkastel’s red is tricky. For most part the red is straight in this mystery but there is a statement that stands out because how direct it is yet is plenty vague: ”The culprit of the first twilight really did kill six people.”

It’s not that it is simply vague but that it is only announced after the 2nd twilight. If it hadn’t been announced slightly after the 1st twilight then it would’ve been a confirmation the first six were dead. It is because that this red is introduced A-F-T-E-R the 2nd twilight that the hint that culprit is among the first six is the major hint.

And so it happened this. I’ll add some details to make it like an actual story, narrate the events and explain the why, how, and who of the mystery.

1st Twilight. The culprits were both Kyrie and Rudolf. It was planned as a inheritance meeting between the siblings. The culprits were already armed and used this as a bait to bring the others. Natsuhi and Krauss were left out of the secret meeting because of two reasons. A) They needed a sibling to survive to not cast too much suspicion on them. B) They were unavailable at the moment and the culprits merely took their chances. To explain a servant’s death from the first twilight we’ll say that, A) he entered the room before planning on locking it. B) He was already in the room before the meeting scaled into this. Alternately (and even more likely) the meeting was a discussion about the gold among the siblings after the riddle was solved in a scenario where Natushi and Krauss were not involved. The lack of the cousins in the mansion back this theory up.

Come 2nd Twilight. The culprit has to be from the same group. We don’t necessarily mean the same person but from the same group. The culprits waited until everyone separated and left the dining hall after faking their deaths to leave the room. This is verified because no one enters the dining room again to check if everyone was still there. At this point we can guess that it was one or two of the culprits went to Natsuhi’s room (who had stayed with Krauss to be safer) to murder the two. After they did they stayed in the room, locked the door, and hid under the bed, which none of the survivors checked when they entered it. This explains why the door was locked when everyone arrived. At least one of the two culprits stayed behind inside the mansion because everything was completely sealed up.

Btw, as the red states the culprit really did six people. By that we mean counting the 1st twilight and the 2nd one, and so we mean that it was very the same culprit who killed the six. Yes, surprisingly a single culprit did the six in. By logic the 2nd culprit must have killed those in the guesthouse with the help of the 3rd culprit.

4th Twilight. Shannon’s and Kanon were killed when the group split up once they reached the guesthouse. It is true none of the survivors have alibis, therefore also true any of them could have done Shannon in. The culprit could’ve been the third culprit or the second culprit who left the mansion before it was all sealed up. Yet, by logic it is only possible for the 3rd culprit to have killed Shannon instead of the 2nd culprit. After all, it was impossible for the 3rd culprit to commit any crimes after the 4th twilight.

5th Twilight. The 3rd accomplice, who was among the survivors, let the 2nd culprit in by unlocking a door or window for the culprit. This happened before the locks were checked again btw. The culprit went inside and kills the two servants downstairs. 6th Twilight. The 2nd culprit hides inside the guest house then kills Dr. Nanjo. We know this because it is true that it was impossible for any of the survivors inside the guest house to have killed Nanjo. The two possibilities are: Either Nanjo was killed outside and someone is lying. Or Nanjo was killed inside the guest house and someone is making a mistake. The theory that makes most sense is that Nanjo was killed by the 2nd culprit inside the guesthouse.

Finally Jessica’s death can only be explained by the previous 2nd culprit who got to her as she separated. The 2nd culprit had already left the guesthouse after killing Nanjo. This is the final proof definite proof that there are more than two culprits and that a culprit faked his death since it is truly impossible for any of the survivors to kill Jessica.

For this we need more than two culprits. For this we need greedy culprit who wanted to eliminate everyone. It is not revenge. The motive is money. We remove all real victims as suspects. We take their statements as truth. The original culprits were part of the first twilight who faked their deaths. The culprit responsible for the twilights are as follow. 1st culprit for the 1st-2nd twilight. 3rd culprit responsible for the 4th twilight and finally the 2nd culprit responsible for 5th twilight.

Everyone is confirmed to be dead but two people from the first twilight. It was key for the culprit to have an accomplice to keep an eye on the survivors at all times. That’s why the culprits are always able to enter and leave without a master key. Because that culprit always opens the door from the inside and locks up after them. The combination who fits this profile is this one.

The culprit is you.

Just as planned. Ladies and Gentlemen.

6 thoughts on “Umineko Twilight 49 – Intellectual Masturbation (Adventures of the Cynical Detective)

  1. Bern’s mistery was easy to solve thanks to the very strict rules she imposed. What I find more intriguing is WHY Ryukishi decided to put this kind of mistery in the final game.
    I think this is one of many jabs that Ryukishi threw to the readers in this tale (the army of goats eating Rokkenjima being the most blatant).
    “Here, let’s strip the mistery of all magical elements, let’s throw away the multiple keys, the body doubles, the closed room tricks. I even underlined the relevant lines for you! Can you solve this basic mistery, you amateur detective? Is this really what you wanted?”. That’s what I think Ryukishi was saying to us.

    • Wouldn’t put it past Ryukishi, eh? I think that like most things in Umineko it can be interpreted in several ways.

      The puzzle could be the last chance for the readers to solve a puzzle directly from the author with an actual solution.

      It could be Bernkastel really stalling for time and throwing a mystery to the readers. One who anyone could solve with some thinking, also one showing us the”truth” we reached in EP7.

      It also be (I’m voting for this one the most) A trial, a rite of passage/final test/ to graduate the readers from all those mysteries they’ve been throwing at us. If you can’t solve this, well, you probably should practice more.

      It could also be a confirmation of the (well not all) Rules Umineko questions Arcs played by. A shorter version of Knox and Van Dine if you will.

      It could just be the fact of seeing the two main characters work together and solve a mystery, which was quite interesting seeing how the two used to be enemies. And many others.

      Granted, the difficulty isn’t the hardest one (maybe because they did want all the readers to move forward) and like you said the very rules they gave us made the mystery quite solvable. Personally, I would have really liked for Ryukishi to implement something like this in his games. Readers actually solving mysteries (at least make some actual calls) so they can move on to the next sections.

      It’s an ambitious idea with some serious tweaking required but one that would really change how we look at the series.

  2. As usual, one of the goats here!… Hmn, well, you know. I’ve been following you for some time, but haven’t actually commented to the best of my faulty memory. I very much enjoyed the… Interesting possible scenario… You’ve created, and if you wouldn’t mind would love to nitpick some details with you later! I doubt I can actually create a counter-scenario, but for the love of detective fiction there should always be a Hastings to one’s Poirot.

    But for now, as cynical as the detective (and all grow cynical eventually it seems), I do hope you used intellectual masturbation as the highest of praise!.. ‘Cuz, there’s not enough out there that is, in my mind. And intellectual masturbation is the best kind, wahaha! More to the point, I’d love to see a proper mystery from Ryukishi, or anyone really. It’s just that Ryukishi is shown he CAN write them, and they are rather hard to write while remaining fair… Probably one of the reasons for the ‘Fantasy’ route in Umineko, of course.

    If I may, however, back to you for a second. I’ve really enjoyed everything you’ve had to say, both in this tea party and in regard to mysteries in general. I was a mystery fan who had Umineko recommended to them, and feel that even with it’s flaws, it is a splendid piece, the first modern mystery I’ve read in some time and truly enjoyed… Again, flaws considered. Your thoughts are insightful, and I feel that though we have not talked directly, we would be good friends.

    Even if the seagull cries wolf (that sounded much wittier in my head i swear), I hope you review more works and just continue to share your thoughts from time to time. I can’t promise to comment, but I can promise to enjoy. Wishing you the v. best of health and success in all endeavors, warmly


    • The kind compliments are well appreciated. *tips hat*

      Why, of course, the title was intended in a positive manner, a bit more candidly than satirical. There are, after all, few better brain stimulant than solving a difficult puzzle and thinking of the probabilities before reaching the answer. Though I do admit being peculiar about titles..

      Fully explaining the whole train of thought is no small task and so much of what it is usually said here is only a fraction. This is another reason why I especially made this “mystery” section of Umineko EP8 especially comprehensive to show all the possible thinking that it could inspire (this being only of one person. Imagine from everyone’s). I’ve been eagerly looking forward to R07 writing a regular mystery since EP5 happened. The mystery that Umineko created could not have been possible without the much extravagant and mysterious magic part yet I do want to see more regular mysteries in the future. I see incredible potential in it and for the series (or maybe a new series) taking a different (if only temporary) turn. This is, in a way, also wishing for the author to keep making the audience think.

      I love solving problems which often come in form of mysteries or puzzles, thus whenever there is an incredible impossible problem to be solved I’ll be there forming some theories of my own. Due to not restrictions and such, however, they don’t make it here. Still I have played and read other material in a similar vein of this franchise so you’ll probably find every now and then acts of Theorizing around here. I’ll recommend to take eventually take a look at those titles as you may find them to your liking.

      Thank you for commenting.

  3. I conceive this web site has some very excellent info for everyone :D. “Experience is not what happens to you it’s what you do with what happens to you.” by Aldous Huxley.

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