Just as planned is solely written by Keikakudoori, a long time anime fan who also reads manga, plays visual novels, and regularly keeps up with then anime seasons.

Just as Planned doesn’t cover episodic, reviews or news, but it does sometimes cover First impressions of new shows. As a manga reader manga posts are also possible. In its core Just as planned is about thoughts and ideas featuring editorials every now and with plenty of commentary. This blog is more of a place for commentary in certain topics and  general talk about the medium, not only limited to anime. Lastly, Just as Planned is also a rare blog that blogs Visual Novels currently focusing on 07th Expansion’s works with chances of focusing on other works.

Currently, there is a series of ambitious Experiments in Anime featuring currently ongoing shows at random viewed in different ways in which curious results are always found. Check it out if you haven’t. More future projects or Series will be featured in the future.

Blogging and writing is done in the spare time so Just as Planned is usually updated once per week. The topics range from currently ongoing shows to editorial about the medium.