An Usagi in the Dark

It’s a sort of blessing when we follow original projects and  rare material that were never translated because the risk of getting spoiled is limited to null. For being a great show Usagi Drop that it was it also became the most almost-spoiled show of the Summer season because of its hinted shocking finale. How terrible could Usagi Drop’s ending could possibly be? Unsure. I do know this: Every UD manga reader rained on this parade one way or another from day one. Everywhere I went there was someone, much sure, using matter-of-fact-voice, hinting the finale of the manga was terrible. As if hopping through a minefield I avoided finding about what the “real” ending to the story was. For those who won’t or haven’t (like me) read or know the ending this is what I figure the ending of Usagi drop could be about. Continue reading