The Plan to Obtain an Elusive Rare Aksys VLR 999 Watch (The Narrator Series)

– “Despite the general consensus there were still whimsical deities I had not inadvertently pissed off.”

Morning had not come yet the sensation of feeling more awake had not been this powerful in weeks and no one had not been as eager to go into temporary slumber for the next hours just the same.

Little was known at that point the process would be repeated more than once, twice and possibly more times for no one knew exactly how many times this odd ritual was to be repeated. Like a time-loop that is still to reach its final world reset before coming to an end. Rarely would this person go to such lengths for a watch. But this was no ordinary watch. And this was more than telling the time. Continue reading

Regarding a Narrator Series and of Known and Unnamed Narrators

Narration is a fundamental part of storytelling. It shapes the story, creates the mood, explains details otherwise not noticed or mentioned by the story. By focusing on particular events and telling a story it explains the events leading up to that point, often also explaining why they are relevant. Narration is essential, I’ve read it before and experienced it myself in different mediums. A great deal of stories wouldn’t have as much impact without proper narrative. It is with the same idea in mind that I wish to recreate something similar to narrative via writing – such project is the Narration Series. Continue reading