In not so many words what I actually thought of Gantz’ Ending

Gantz manga the end

I recall a summer back in 2005-2006 when I picked up Gantz the first time. Little did I know that late evening and my sleep would be gone instead dedicated to Gantz the moment I read the first chapter. Before I knew it I was over the first 100 chapters into a story of personal survival, to save the earth, unspeakable monsters, and ultra tight black suits. My mind filled with contents I wouldn’t wish to others unless they’d agree to it. I confess that this is not a rare experience as many who have picked up Gantz reacted in a similar way – they can’t put it down. Much like those freakishly bizarre aliens. That’s because Gantz is an experience on its own. Everything has to end at some point. If there is any team of people who has earned their rest in the manga story, I’m sure Gantz would be up there. Continue reading


An Usagi in the Dark

It’s a sort of blessing when we follow original projects and  rare material that were never translated because the risk of getting spoiled is limited to null. For being a great show Usagi Drop that it was it also became the most almost-spoiled show of the Summer season because of its hinted shocking finale. How terrible could Usagi Drop’s ending could possibly be? Unsure. I do know this: Every UD manga reader rained on this parade one way or another from day one. Everywhere I went there was someone, much sure, using matter-of-fact-voice, hinting the finale of the manga was terrible. As if hopping through a minefield I avoided finding about what the “real” ending to the story was. For those who won’t or haven’t (like me) read or know the ending this is what I figure the ending of Usagi drop could be about. Continue reading