Why We Drop Things – Subpar, Bad, and Terrible Animation

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Usually, a show is excepted to be look relativity good or decent. Being optimistic a show is supposed to look great. Nevertheless, that is not always the case. In reality I’d say a good amount of time that is not the case. One does not get that glossy “Ufotable quality” that rocks your eyes so often.

We have cases where the production values are low, cases where there aren’t enough animators, cases where they hardly manage to make the deadline, and in some cases the studios are just not good. Instead we have shows that look relatively decent, not bad, but decent enough where Continue reading


Why We Drop Things : – SPOILERS –

Compared to cases where personal preferences is what makes all the difference between watching and dropping a show halfway, this is one quite different. To not continue to watch a show because of being spoiled is one of the rarer cases that though, rare as it may sound, is a possibility for many.

Imagine you heard it accidentally. Imagine one day after a long day you are surfing through the nebula of the Internet like usual then the next thing you know your eyes are accidentally and suddenly subjected to a fierce barrage of spoilers that your mind wasn’t quick enough to not process.  Continue reading

Why We Drop Things : Slow-ass Plot Developments

A question with many answers.

Slow developments. Not all, and by that we mean a great number of stories, aren’t able to fully capture and retain the audience’s interest in the very first episodes. They take their time to develop and sometimes they take a lot of more time to develop and transform themselves into the fantastic story they were meant to. The good thing about them is that they turn out amazing when they do and they make feel good about sticking with them. The bad thing are those other times when it doesn’t pay off to follow them but it’s too late to drop them by then. The thing they all have in common is that they all involve a decent amount of episodes to go through in order to get your answer.

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