First post of 2013 and other Formalities

2013 Year Keikaku– This much sense

2013 the year important things are going to happen despite not knowing what Chinese zodiac animal the year is. I imagine I could google it but that’s beside the point.

Anime-wise there isn’t much this season other than Maoyu and if there is one that doesn’t rely on self-slapping I’d like to hear it. So I’m sitting this season out, do other older shows, and stick to shows from last season such as JoJo and Psycho-Pass and see why how Urobuchi Gen saves the industry. Continue reading

This Blog Hits 200,000K of Fantabulousness

The results of my endeavors have satisfactorily harmonized with the forecast that I generated and acted upon in accordance to a detailed analysis of the situation at hand and the desired goals that were stated by key stakeholders and interested parties at the outset of the events that previously unfolded.

Come and congratulate me or kick in the knee. I’d go for the first one because the power of fabulousness commands it. No one is above it. Continue reading

The Disappearance of Keikakudoori

this entry isn’t about Haruhi. Though I wish it was

I’ll miss you guys.. and your episodics… and your editorials.. and your fanarts..  and your comics.. and your memes.. your tsunderes.. and your traps.. and your lolis.. and  your flaming..  and your mascots.. and your trolling..  and tourneys.. and blog circle-jerking.. and your expensive figures.. and your Tenshi.. and your.. Continue reading