Theory-Crafting Mode Featuring Another

In which an array of possible scenarios and solutions to a problem is discussed.

Another is the Final Destination of Anime with random tragedies, umbrella impaling, creepy-ass dolls, an eyepatch fetish, and parakeet which knows only three words. I’m here to briefly address the situation because I’m already watching this story and because I have the habit of automatically considering the x possibilities to any matter. Yep, it’s as convenient as it sounds. Continue reading


Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – 32 ~Chiru~EP5 – Eiserne Jungfrau – High Inquisitor of Heresy, Dlanor A. Knox a.k.a “Death Sentence Dlanor” – Let it be known that, Culprit-san isn’t so third-RATE. [The Great equalizer is DEATH!]

“That face of yours… is so incredibly laughable that I’d like to smash it and put a frame around it” – evil bitch (but awesome) Bernkastel

– Ten Wedges to Pierce Witches –

After they found the bodies from the first twilight everyone has gathered outside of Kinzo’s study room. Eva and the rest want to forcefully get inside so they can confirm whether Kinzo is dead or not. As we all know they already suspect he’s dead and they’re more interested in revealing that truth. Kyrie asks who was the last one to see Kinzo, Natsuhi answers that she was the last one who saw him and she was sure of it. Natsuhi mentions how Kinzo acts randomly (random grampa!) and he was known to go outside the mansion in the middle of the night. Kumasawa and the rest of the servants back her up on this claim. Gohda makes the stupid mistake of mentioning how he hasn’t seen the master since last year which makes him think that he doesn’t exist. Lol Gohda really isn’t in on it with the others. Didn’t tell you that even before I got to any of the other eps? They mentioned that since they can’t get through the door they should try to entering through the window, even if it means breaking it. Eva says that as the highest in rank (3rd I think) she gives permission for this and she will accept the full punishment Kinzo gives her. Natsuhi is pretty much screwed if she doesn’t think fast. Continue reading

Umineko no Naku Koro Ni : Fifth Move – Let’s take a tour through the ever peaceful Rokkenjima [You can run, but you can’t hide]

Welcome to Rokkenjima

We hang out so much around this place might as well explore it properly. Let’s review what we already know about Rokkenjima and make some of  it into certainty. We’ve got a couple of shots of different parts of  the mansion in both the sound novel and the anime. I think that anyone who has finished the anime or read the sound novel up to EP4 should be ok to read this. There are only very small spoilers for EP5 in case you’re worried about that but nothing huge. Enjoy the game backgrounds in case you aren’t familiar with the game. Let’s get to it and start cornering the main culprit. Continue reading

Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – 31 ~ Chiru ~ EP5 – First Twlight Come! You’re so Third-Rate, Culprit-san ♪ Problem, Battleeeeer★?

The intellectual raeping continues

– The true family conference –

After Battler finds the Gold and all that jazz the siblings decide to continue their arguing in the main mansion. Since talking won’t do much good they decide to bring a recorder to record their conversation so Krauss won’t be going on back his word and they do just that. They’re all tired and Krauss proposes they take a quick break. Rosa asks Genji to prepare them something to drink and maybe some cookies. They notice that Rosa is feverish and Eva tells her that she can go rest but that she’ll miss out on this big opportunity. Since they’re taking a Krauss uses this opportunity to leave the room with Natsuhi to revise their plan. Let’s see what these two come up with.

Shannon and Kanon enter the room with a serving cart and guess what they’re bringing. TEA. In what you bring tea in? In a teapot. Because the relatives want somebody to talk to (they must be extremely bored) they make both of them stay with them. Not much time passes. A few seconds I’d say. The game doesn’t make it clear so don’t ask me. Then they everybody hear a *KNOCK* KNOCK*, Rudolf tells the person to enter since they assume it’s Genji or somebody else that is in the main mansion (Genji, Natsuhi, Krauss are the one ones). The sound of the large clock on the hall could be heard. It was a sign that October 4 has ended and they entered October 5. Let’s go back a bit in time–they game says. I know this is to confuse us. Continue reading

Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – 30 ~ Chiru ~ EP5 –The Witch’s Epitaph is Solved [GOOD] This level of thinking is possible for Furudo Erika the Intellectual Rapist. What do you think, everyone?

“This level of reasoning is indeed possible for Furudo Erika”

– The Witch of Miracles –

It’s already time to the Ushiromiya family to dine. Everyone is bewildered at Erika’s perfect manners and she’s everything they’d expect from their own children. Krauss makes a nasty comment about it wouldn’t be so bad to have her as a daughter when Eva half joking implies Erika  could be Krauss’ illegitimate daughter. No way, she’s way too competent. I thought someone at the dinner table was going to go ‘OH SNAP, Jessica.’ but no one did. Rudolf also notices that Jessica, who had been encouraged by George to act ladylike, is acting strange. As it turns out Jessica had been trying to sit and eat in a ladylike manner but has been failing miserably and it’s making her look awkward instead. Everyone has a good laugh and Jessica is completely embarrassed. The bullying never ends with this family, huh.

Because Erika has been performing so well that everyone is feeling nervous instead of her. Hideyoshi picks up on this and as usual does his funny act. Erika also picks up on this and plays along by finally acting more relax and cheerful. After the dinner is over the cousins are sent to the guesthouse as usual. Eva tries to start the inheritance discussion but no one is in the mood anymore as they had plenty of fun. On their way to the guesthouse, Beatrice’s portrait catches Erika’s attention and they tell her about the legend. Since it’s not that late most of the grown-ups also head to the guesthouse to continue a bit more the discussion of the riddle. Erika easily reaches the conclusion that this epitaph is the way to decide how the next family head will be selected. The siblings who were about to head back to the mansion turned back and stay to hear the rest of the story–especially Eva who is dying to hear more. Furudo Erika tells the siblings that it’s very common among extremely rich people to make riddle of some sort to give away their fortune. But the big difference here is that because the epitaph is only displayed in this very mansion and has not been published in any other places, it means that the one who made it wants the people in this mansion to solve it. Continue reading