Theory-Crafting Mode Featuring Another

In which an array of possible scenarios and solutions to a problem is discussed.

Another is the Final Destination of Anime with random tragedies, umbrella impaling, creepy-ass dolls, an eyepatch fetish, and parakeet which knows only three words. I’m here to briefly address the situation because I’m already watching this story and because I have the habit of automatically considering the x possibilities to any matter. Yep, it’s as convenient as it sounds.

So what seems to be the problem?  

 In the town I just moved there’s a mysterious ghost girl, accidents kill people, and my parakeet won’t stop saying “Why” plus my name all the time.

The classic mysterious character and unnatural deaths – these matters can be addressed. I’d consult with specialist about the bird. Let’s go over some details.

Is it a curse or something else? To explicitly have people killed by a group would indicate there’s a party that benefits from the tragedy that is assuming it isn’t random murder. Said party has a reason to eliminate certain individuals, certain individuals happen to be connected to class 3-3.

In other words assuming the accident of your classmate’s mother was indeed an accident it doesn’t necessarily mean that your classmate’s accident might have been one. To remove the possibility of coincidence means neither of them was a coincidence but a crime. To believe they were both coincidence, then it is a mighty coincidence.  But coincidence, they do happen, or so some people say.

Come to think of it, she said that the same thing happened two years ago? They don’t tell me enough.

They don’t say anything. That’s why I’m here. I oversee these type of what if’s and X possibilities scenarios.

Then answer me this: Why didn’t it happen last year? Why this year?

I don’t know.

I’ll answer my own question. It happened because someone waited those two years so your current classmates would be in 3-3 class. From these we get the following possibilities. Someone not in 3-3 waited for your current classmates so they would be in  3-3. Here the goal would be to eliminate certain X classmate(s). You’ll notice that it is equally possible to eliminate X’s family too by connection. The 2nd scenario is a student waiting those years so s/he would be in the same class as anyone else – 3-3, thus making any accident part of the curse. Motive or cause behind the accidents? Maybe that girl that died years ago? Something else?

It goes without saying that this student wouldn’t make himself/herself a victim should all the proper paperwork be made, and instead it’d mean that this person wishes for a classmate or his/her family to disappear. There you go. But I wouldn’t advise limiting yourself to only these two possibilities. Just something to keep in mind.

You’re mentioning my classmates from 3-3.  You’re saying it as if they weren’t in 3-3 and they had no previous connection to the previous accidents.

How do I know that? Unless they repeated a year or two the sames students could’ve have possibly been in 3-3. What this means is that there’s the possibility they heard the rumors from their classmates or family when they were in a lower class.

What if they’re all coincidences and actual accidents?

We could assume it’s a coincidence, but that would be the end of any speculation from any party. Let’s temporary discard the possibly of the curse and focus on other more realistic possibilities. Someone out of the same or a new character already knows of the situation of 3-3 thus repeats the same crimes disguising it as accidents. How do I figure that? The culprit knows that everybody will be expecting the possibility of a scenario of accidental death repeating this year, which leads to the curse matter

Why the curse and how does it work?

Indeed why. I’ll provide explanations why the curse functions so well in this setup. Asides for any actual motives, the curse takes place in school because it is a place where people gather and meet. Being not such as huge town the number of victims can be selected as you can see.  Is there anyone in charge of placing students in certain class? If so, there’s the possibility of said person moving certain students to the “ominous class” for their own reasons. If that’s the case, a person of interest would be someone who has such power as s/he can control and pick the victims.

There are so many accidents and no one tells me anything! I realize people from school are dying but what is the point of it!

By connection. As you know your classmates have families and it is easy enough to connect the death of one to the other, meaning that it wouldn’t be unusual for the parents of A to suffer a tragedy because of something a student did. Let’s say, to provide an example, breaking some rules.  Anything will do, really.

So many random deaths. The reason must be related to something they aren’t telling me.

Assuming the deaths aren’t random then the death of a person not related to 3-3 in any way would be in violation of the design. Assuming that all deaths must be related to 3-3 Class then all deaths must be related to the 3-3 Class in some way. So far this has been proven to be consistent. Even if an accident were to occur to someone unrelated to the 3-3 Class it’d still be considered a real accident. However, even if a tragedy happens to someone related to 3-3 it is considered part of the curse. Do you see the reasoning behind it? Regardless of who dies the deaths aren’t properly investigated because unless they’re homicide they’re deemed as “accidents”.

Like with  Ms. Sanae . She wasn’t connected.

I regret to inform you Ms. Sanae was connected after all. She was Kateru’s sister. She died in an elevator accident after she asked her brother about a certain student he swore didn’t exist. She pressed the matter you asked her to snoop around if I recall. By the way, did you go to any place in particular with this person before her death?

We went to a public restaurant. We needed to talk about some stuff.

Both of you talked about the mysterious girl matter and 3-3 Class  out in the open and you were wearing your school uniform, correct?


That’d be all for that question.

Assuming no one saw both of you went to the restaurant it means that Takeru was the only one who knew about her sister snooping around after both of you met. There’s the possibility that he then mentioned it to somebody else and Ms. Sanae got the axe the next day as a result. Assuming no one related the person behind the accidents saw both of you together and moreover had no idea you were investigating into the 3-3 and the Mei matter it means that this person saw both of you meet at the restaurant and possibly learn of this fact there.  On a separate note, by connection it wouldn’t be surprising if Takeru also has an accident assuming it follows the same patter as Yukari did. Actually, it’d be odd if it doesn’t.

Question. Is anyone in your school a son or daughter of the principal or the board of director? Is there anyone in that town rich? Is there any group in particular in power? Question. Is there anyone particularly interested in this town? Have you considered that the reason the last two victims were in accidents were because they were getting close to you?

There’s no way that could be true! They are all coincidences.

The first victim was the friendliest to you and probably the most eager to talk to you about the incident that happened in that class out all the students. The elevator victim mysteriously dies after she involves herself with the matter you asked her to look into. Even if we believe the first tragedy was an accident it doesn’t always mean the second one necessarily is. They were in accidents because they were getting themselves involved in matters they shouldn’t.

If we assume that there’s a person responsible for these accidents then all of the accident are done on purpose! But that’s crazy! There was no way anyone could have pushed that window that almost killed me and my classmate.

Yes. You and the girl who in the drama club. Have you considered that maybe it was in an accident? The timing of two people standing under such dangerous trap is too small to be calculated. What would help would be asking yourself some questions. Do you always take the same route every day after school? Do you take a different one every day?

To tell the truth, I haven’t really given it much thought…

The window could’ve easily been an accident or it might not. Not to mention, though dangerous it isn’t not necessarily fatal to guarantee a death. On the other hand, there is enough time to mess with an elevator and easy to set up a trap when the culprit knows the victim’s routine. That’s possible unlike impossible scenarios.

And since we’re talking about impossible scenarios I’ll throw this out there. A town where the people have already died and in the way a force, destiny, or whatever you call it, make all the people in the town die one way or another. It isn’t considered death but a way for them to finally die. Case in point, they’re already dead and killing them again makes them fully disappear. The curse is a way to make sure it happens. The dolls are soulless and hollow they said.

That’s crazy talk.

Of course it is. Of course it is. 

Come to think of it, the rest of town is deserted.

Indeed it is deserted. Why so ever does the old lady from the doll store repeated the same greeting a second time when she already met you?  Why does she say no one comes to the store? Who is this doll maker? Is it possible that the maker based the doll off a person she met. A former student? A teacher who remembered this girl? Maybe it’s not really that same girl.. yet this doll resembles this girl very much. Why?

…Maybe they just look similar.

But maybe it’s something more. Starting with the fake eye because who really does this and second, your ghost friend who everyone swears she isn’t there, yet people do see her.

Mei  is definitely a big part of the issue.

There’s that matter of her being a ghost or not and whether or not she’s the cause of the deaths.  If she’s a ghost than why can everyone see her? Normally, a ghost would only be seen by a small number of people or under special and random circumstances but here everyone sees her but instead of addressing the issue they ignore her. What if she’s really there and shunning there is really the issue?

What else can you tell me?

Have you considered the possibility that she is/was connected to the girl who girl therefore she’s shunned because she is connected/broke the rules? Have you considered that possibility that she just looks so similar to the person who died years ago and that she is ignored as result, ergo she’s a regular person but treated as a ghost because of it?  Have you considered why she said that it’d be better if she didn’t show up?  It means she’s aware of her involvement to a degree. If it’s a person or group then look for the common motive.  If the accidents are caused by a supernatural force for a reason then its motive derived in the past.

What do I do!? What if the curse is real?

Indeed. What is to do? What can you do? Then I’d recommend leaving that town. That what I’d say but no character in a story is smart enough to leave on their own accord. That’s what I’d say, but no main character is allowed to leave until the story ends anyhow. You can be the first one.

One last question, is Mei behind me?

There’s no need to answer that question. If everybody says she doesn’t exist then she doesn’t. If everybody says the opposite then it is also true. No matter what answer I give it is likely wrong. Moreover, that’s a main a part of the story. I already provided some possibilities to address the general issue.

What we’ve done is measured some parameters and given some information, given leads to organize ideas and thoughts. It’s been determined that the plausibility of accidents, the curse has been addressed, provided you with suspects, motives and means, and more importantly to look for the bigger picture with the information provided based on 4 episodes. I believe it’s time to go.

Wait a minute!  You still haven’t solved it for me!

I believe that’s part of your role as the main character in a story. I’m an observer of this story sticking with the story to check answers derived from a quick mental exercise. I’ll make a final note of saying I’ll simply provide an array of possible theories given them a meaning because they are after all parts of train of thoughts put together. To say I completely believe in them would indicate that I see them as being completely true, which is not the case. The case is that I see them as part of the array of possible scenarios and solutions to a problem. What you see are mental notes materialized and solutions to what if’s and why’s .

– And with that good luck to you, main character.


4 thoughts on “Theory-Crafting Mode Featuring Another

  1. Nice write up and a cool way of presenting possibilities. The main character has broken the rules and I think one of those rules is not to acknowledge Mei’s existence. He has and he continues to involve people in finding out more about her and the curse. Those who help him and by proxy acknowledge her existence are offed.

    • It’s curious that the lead has completely ignored the possibility that Mei might just
      be real and also how easily he buys into the curse part without being overly weirded out.
      If ghost and curses were around a regular person’s town I’m sure s/he would leave the
      place or try to do more than he’s currently doing.
      I also get the feeling that nothing (at least not as much) would happen in the story if the lead wasn’t trying so hard to get involved into this mess.

  2. The first thing that came to my mind when watching Another was: fantasy or mistery… Umineko has trained me well.
    From the simultaneous deaths of the classmate (i’ll call her ItchyThroat) and her relative we must assume that it’s not an accident, then: curse or serial murders? There’s plenty of space to reason out a mistery answer, anyone with a motive could be trying to commit murder and cover it with the Ilussion of the Curse. Then, farther with the murder theory: is the motive personal and someone is taking advantage of the Curse story to take revenge (maybe)? I think this is hardly possible for two reasons:
    1. The common point between the murdered till now is only the fact that they were becoming too involved with the Curse story and talking about it with the MC. The murderer knew that Nurse was meeting the MC and that’s easier to explain with a bigger number of people involved.
    2. Serial murders similar to this one have occurred before, since they expecified how is one person killed per month. Of course, someone could be trying to recreate it for their own purposes, but let’s leave that for later.
    So a possible answer would be: weird country community doesn’t want people meddling with their weird stories… too cliche? But really, i think there’s a greater possibility of a big force as the perpetretor.

    The first obstacle of the mistery theory is ItchyThroat’s death: she got scared and runned away after seeing Patch, so she ended up going down the stairs that were farther away from her class: how could the culprit predict that? Also, an interesting point about this part is the fact that i think she was already scared when she got out of the class (i don’t really remember it well but that’s the feeling i got), that would mean that she somehow predicted her inminent death: could the culprit had pressed her or maybe this murder follows some plotline?

    About Patch: the students seem to believe that the murders will occur only if someone pays attention to her. Does that mean that a classmate in 3-3 has been ignored every year as part of the Illusion of the Curse? But Patch doesn’t seem to have been chosen at ramdom…

    About the MC, he seems to have some conection to the case: the staff putting him in 3-3, being involved with the murdered, his aunt and mom acting suspicious (the first for not telling shit, the second for dying), Twintails asking again and again if he had been there before… Maybe that’s what the parakeet is trying to say: Why, MC; why did you forget your promise?…mindfuck

    Wow, what’s with this comment, too long! Sorry for that. Anyway, i’ll keep playing detective with this series, hope i won’t have to call Purupurupicopayo on this one.

    • Patch, Nurse, and Twintails. I think I just might use those nicknames from now on.

      There’s some stuff to work with the story hasn’t begun to cover but also more importantly Another might just be a story where accidents happen because of the curse and the story is about finding out why it happens so it can stopped. There are lots of cliches in the story and I just may stick to see how many I’ll be finding here. Seeing that this entry already covers whatever it may happen possibly the rest of entries (if there are any) would focus on lighter details of a story somewhat trying too hard and sometimes accidentally funny. I.e. is there need for so much BGM and what is UP with that parakeet? I know, puzzling.

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