Umineko Twilight 51 – The Last Battle of the End of a Certain World (Row Row Fight the Power)

Umineko Twilight 51 blogging

Do the impossible. See the invisible. ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWER
Punch the unpunchable. Break the unbreakable. ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWER
Solve the unsolvable. ROW ROW FIGHT BERNKASTEL
Troll the untrollable. ROW ROW FIGHT THE WITCHES
"what you gonna do is what you wanna do
 just break the rule, then you see the truth"

> Battler you magnificent son of a bitch. Continue reading

Umineko Twilight Debauchery – 50 –The /A/nonymous Goat Orgy

In so many more levels than you’re imaging. Two more entries and it’s over. R07 the ever notorious writer behind the Naku Koro Ni series is one of the few writers who calls me names, trolls me, kicks me in the balls and still manages to have my respect. But there’s a good reason for that – he can write. Continue reading

Umineko Twilight 49 – Intellectual Masturbation (Adventures of the Cynical Detective)

A full game of chess explained. A full mystery narrated and solved.

I remembered the good times, I remembered the mystery, I remember locked rooms, I remember duct tapes. I remember glorious EP5 and its mystery-centric doses. Whatever happened to that? Right after EP5 I’ve been thinking how much I wanted the guy to write a straight-up mystery for his next work. It’s not everyday that an author provides an actual mystery in order for the readers to crack in order to move forward. There is something truly lost in the process of the art of theorizing in these mysteries when most of the time one only gives a shorter version of the reasoning done. Explaining your whole train of thought in the most detailed manner possible is a challenge. Why did that person say that? What are his reasoning? Umineko Twilight has no questions and has no mystery solving scenarios like the question arcs do but all the same provide one final solvable for the readers to solve. Step by step guide to what goes on. Continue reading

Glorious Euphoria of the Golden Witch – 48 – Viva La Vida

– A truly gentleman leaves no puzzle unsolved

Put your thinking cap on, grab some tea. R07 throws a puzzle party. EP8 is actually one of the rare vns in which makes the reader interacts in the story and solve puzzles and mysteries. The perfect contrast to all the stories and to this mystery in which players ultimately meets a dead end by not solving a puzzle in time and running out of time.  Continue reading

Glorious Trainwreck of the Golden Witch – 47 – I Ain’t Even Mad

Extra dramatic pause.

Read about Ryukishi07 and his final script? It’s a prominent brilliant mind weaving mysteries filled with fantasy and impossibilities focusing on making readers think instead of driving them into full auto-mode. He writes story about countless universes existing in a few days with knack for time-loops where nothing is what it seems and truth is stranger than fiction.  If this seems right then I got a message for you. You’re in the right place. Continue reading