Why I prefer Yuu Kobayashi as Yuu Kobayashi

For most part. Reason why explained.

While not being anti-Yuu Kobayashi for her long Yuu Kobayashi of work deserves praise, that is, as far as female characters are concerned. Kobayashi has done a lot of voices and by that we aren’t exaggerating she has done a lot of voices.

Off the top of my head I can say I enjoyed her work as the foreigner ‘returnee’ Kaere in SZS, the vice principal in Occult Academy, Rio in SoraWo, and Mariya, well when thinking she isn’t really a guy, but that’s not important. For me the issue arises when Kobayashi voice the dull male main lead the usual the fragile, ambiguous type of character. Continue reading

Top favorite Voice Actors: Minori Chihara


Chibara Minori, “Minorin”, is a fairly popular voice actor in the anime industry, a singer, and very good looking on top of it. She has a knack for playing the emotionless girl of the show which she is more popular for. Soft spoken and with a few lines, her characters don’t overly “stand out”, yet you know very well that  she is on the show because you can’t really miss the character that sitting at the corner or near the window of the room. Continue reading