Top favorite Voice Actors: Minori Chihara


Chibara Minori, “Minorin”, is a fairly popular voice actor in the anime industry, a singer, and very good looking on top of it. She has a knack for playing the emotionless girl of the show which she is more popular for. Soft spoken and with a few lines, her characters don’t overly “stand out”, yet you know very well that  she is on the show because you can’t really miss the character that sitting at the corner or near the window of the room.

Being well-known for this, Chihara Minori has become a synonym for the kurude archetype of anime for younger characters. One her most memorable characters yet is Yuki Nagato, very well portrayed as a calm of girl in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya in which while a greater group of fans were appealed by the hyper demeanor of the main heroine others prefer the calmness of the meganeko SOS member. Following a similar  yet different characters is the remarkable role she played as and the one I liked her more for is Minami Chikai from Minami-ke. A middle-schooler girl with a snarky, slightly dissatisfied, and clearly unamused demeanor, way more cheekier and aggressive (teddy bear thrower!) character. Clearly breaking away of the just calm demeanor of the characters she usually plays.

But she also has a very high pitch voice which she’s not afraid to use! I’m not terribly in love with that voice yet but I found some good to it.  Examples of these are characters such as Ryuumonbuchi Touka from Saki, Koopa from Tower of Druaga, and Sakutaro and  Siesta 410 from Umineko. These types of roles are divided into characters with both fun and “annoying” voices, regardless very fitting to the  characters I may add. I, for one, can not recognize her voice when she plays these characters because they are so different from her other better known roles.

We can appreciate her role as main characters in Tsuchimiya Kagura from Gai Rei Zero and the persistent Natsume Aya in the fighting show Tenjou Tenge where she plays insecure female leads that have to change in order to become stronger for both themselves and for everyone.

It’s a weird how one of the ways which one enjoys her voice is by hardly getting a chance to do listen to it. I guess that’s the trick to it, the less you hear the better it is.

5 thoughts on “Top favorite Voice Actors: Minori Chihara

  1. ANN says that the one who did 410 is Eri Kitamura. But wow A girl actually did sakutarou voice that’s great

  2. It’s always kind of neat to just look at a list of roles a seiyuu has had, and see all the different parts they’ve done. It’s also a treat when you start picking up on certain patterns in a seiyuu’s speech or pronunciation, and recognize their voice without even having to look it up.

    @moichispa Wasn’t Kanon voiced by a woman as well?

  3. For some reason, I’m really bad at recognizing women VA.
    Though yeah, if the voice actors are not overused, you can appreciate their voices even more. If they are overused, they become “common” and some might not feel “fresh” anymore.

  4. It gets tricky recognizing their voices. In the case of Minori Chihara I can easily recognize it when she is playing the silent type. Other than that it is tricky for me.

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