In Not so Many Words What I Actually Thought of Higanbana the 2nd Night

Higanbana vn tea gentleman

Being a Higanbana Beta Tester I had my first Higanbana the 2nd Night dose quite early and after reading it I can say that the 2nd Night is a vast improvement from the first title, but it is still no mystery that Higanbana lacks serious prominence among VN readers even among  07th Expansion readers.

Higanbana is still the odd cousin out of the 07thExpansion family. Pretty awkward, not as cool, or prominent and not many give it a proper chance. Factions are often divided between “love it” or perpetually “hate it”. Chances are that when someone is reading this at this moment this is one of the few places where one will find something of a review of one of 07th Expansion’s less popular works. The general response compared to its more popular titles is of simple acknowledging that it exists and expressing silent okays. In which case, this is probably you, my dear 07th Expansion reader, not expressing evident excitement. Continue reading


Secret Santa Project : Hyakko Where Boys be Ambitious is actually about Girls

Hyakko Secret Santa Project

Remember that oblivious easy going friend back in school who was always upbeat always mysteriously in a good mood for no apparent reason. The classmate who got himself or herself in trouble and sometimes made you tag along for the ride. This is the same person who sometimes said and acted in ways that didn’t make a whole lot of sense, to many even to this day. Torako is that type of person. Not a whole lot intelligent with a short attention span and neither a lot coherent nor consistent. But much fun to be around. Continue reading

The Anime Fall 10 Cross-Examination

Not in low rate of success as the Infinite monkey theorem. Fall is a great season to be in. Wish I could say the same about all shows in it. Now the ratio of good vs bad is about half half. The Fall 10 is the season of most adaptations and of audience targeted shows. It does all right when looking at it from a more relaxed point of view. Long running shows fall to pieces while short shows still impress and take the lead.  I feel a strong sense of Déjà vu  all over. Probably just me.  Continue reading

The Success of Highschool of the Dead

So it ends most entertaining show of the Summer 10. It may deny it itself but it still ended with a powerful Bang. Never mind the other shows that are still on. Highschool of the Dead reached its end with a 12 eps full of zombie and amusing antics of survivors from a local School with bats and guns on hand. Here, I am more than pleased with it.

Remember that type of show that everyone watches and is recommended to you followed by some tips on how to enjoy it more. Do this. Don’t do that. Highschool of the Dead was like an arrow on the hands of a good archer having an even better day. Low changes of missing and with a higher rate of hitting the mark right on the middle black dot. We knew  he might miss the center  but he was still going to be close. Pretty close. Pretty damn close.  Continue reading

Blogging Umineko Chiru DAWN – 36 – In which it does [Not] always Follow

“Have no fear. No matter how difficult the crime, I will solve it. That’s a detective’s job.”

Most noble, I know. I know! Mind you, that is followed later by Erika’s facial distortion and brutally sending murder doll Dlanor to destroy a feeble truth. You’d think that normally two Beatrice would equal twice the trolling, huh? However, most unfortunately that isn’t the case. We have chick Beatrice and Elder Beatrice and no signs of Beatroll. Continue reading