Critical Site Changes – Keikakudoori JaP revised edition


Who am I? That’s an easy and difficult question. I’m a casual blogger that happens to have become more devoted to JaP (I think I’ll call it that from now on)  in  last past months leading to where we are now. As you know I’m the only author of this blog so it’s just me and my cat. Ok, I don’t have a cat so it’s really just me and probably a teacup set and chess pieces. What do I write for? Possibly the biggest question you could ask someone who keeps a blog. Everyone has a different reason for doing it. Some to express their opinions, others  wish to only inform, others wish to be understood and appreciated. For said reasons a group put harder effort and time into it than others as they see needed for themselves. Me? That’s a good question but where’s in the fun in revealing everything? I’ll just say that looking back I wouldn’t think I’d be having a “blog” of my own. I’ve always wondered why people had blogs in the first place, but I think that after getting (and updating it) I know why. It’s fun. Do I need a better answer?

illegal moves are (not) allowed

I am one of those that write for himself (sorry to disappoint I’m not a girl but I’ve been called that a few times if it makes any better) rather than openly writing for others like other fellow bloggers. It’s been like that since day 1 but as time went on I found it appealing that others are interested in what I write therefore changes and modifications are necessary. Similarly, I’ve become more interested in what others are saying out there even though I’m still a lurker that likes to play the observer with a magnifying glass and critical eye. Still I enjoy sharing my opinions as well.

This site has been linked to public and private forums, private chats, /a/, foreign Hebrew, Russian, Korean sites, others blogs, and god knows where it’ll be featured next. It’s  actually been a blast to see how the rest of the rest of the world sees this place and what they get out of it. That in itself seems worth the effort.

But what is JaP but a collection of afterthoughts from my perspective fueled by rationality (or lack there of) and witty commentary and things you wouldn’t expect to see or read. Sometimes I’m terribly straightforward and others I play the unreliable narrator like in a novel depending on the situation. I don’t recall ever saying this was a normal place where I’ll be giving  text book answers. I think it’s more fun that way than just straightforward, way. The downside of it it that  much of it can be easily missed or misinterpreted. This place is but it isn’t, like a red herring. This blog is like the Britannia theme with no lyrics. I drop hints along the way but this place still is a mystery in itself. It’s like TV, but actually entertaining once again. Everybody likes vanilla flavor but I don’t. I like mango and strawberry. Vanilla is too simple and dull. Like I say, that’s besides the point. Vanilla pretty much misses it. Therefore,

JaP banner runner-up

Site changes:

New Layout –  I pick this one because it looks great. I liked my old one since I like clean and organized designs but I could never get over not having a header. I tried to implement one to it but failed since then I’d been looking for one that looks right. Headers remind you that this is an anime blog. This place does need an anime header.

I chose Kyon for obvious reasons. He is a character I can easily relate to in multiple ways  and that easily catches much the edge this blog gives also I wanted a Haruhi one but I didn’t find a good one. Kyon doesn’t look that happy in this pic and it has a melancholic feeling to it,  I don’t mind but  it’s not exactly the idea I’m selling, but the background is gorgeous! 940×198 is very restrictive so it’s very hard to get a good banner. but I think this one looks nice enough. Hopefully, Kyon’s pessimism will be subdued by the punchline found below :P This new layout should also make the writing flow better and look more “anime friendly”. Oh, also this one has the cool option of letting you change the background color so I’ll be playing with that frequently. It’ll be like one of those mood ring. Only that I don’t play by their meaning chart.

Blogroll gets its own page – I used to have only 5 links when I first started since then it has grown larger and larger. I’ll add more in the future meanwhile I have others sites bookmarked. The anitourney and ANN have provided me with quite a few places to read.

New projects – There shall be new projects around JaP. One of them is the one found below.

Favorite Voice Actors- When I first started watching anime I wasn’t that interested in the voice actors. I began to pay more attention to who were behind the voices once I became more attached to certain characters. This is also a practice for me to become more familiar with their work. There are currently 7 on my MAL when that’s over I’ll pick voice actors I like. I encourage you to check those entries out.

By Weekly Deviation – A weekly (hopefully) random post about the shows that I’m currently watching. This means the eradication of any type of episodics even though I actually I don’t do episodics. If there is any episodics projects in the future then I think I’ll pick up one or two series max. Therefore thoughts will replace any current episodics on the site.

New Aninenano icon Never mind, I can’t change my information for some reason. Halp, please.

Manga – I really want to talk more about manga but really, there are so few fans even into manga that it’s like they’re an endangered species. ATM, there are two titles that I would be interested in continuing blogging. Since they’re relased once or twice a month there should not be much of a problem to just post something every now and then. Maybe +2 chapters of a manga in a single entry.

Umineko Chiru EP 6 – Dawn of the Golden Witch. Hell yeah! I’m the only blogger in AnimeNano and one of the few on the net that took it upon himself to blog the original games.  So, I’m totally blogging the next EP when Witch Hunt release it in a couple of months given everything goes as planned. I’ve learned so much how to do it “properly” from EP5 that I think I’ll be able to jump right into it. This time without many breaks. The madness will begin in a few months so there’s plenty enough of time to get ready.

07th Expansion secret project – ????

Anime vs. Live action – I’m picking up live actions series and movies. I won’t be blogging about them but I’ll make posts comparing them to the original anime. It saves you the time of watching them if they don’t turn out so well. Plus, it’ll only be a few entries of them.

Editorials – I’d seen them used quite loosely on other places and now I’m not unsure how “serious” they’re supposed to be but I’ll go for thought-provoking type and others possibly confrontational ones. There are plenty of topics out there.

Thoughts – This has been going forever.  Just thoughts on currently airing shows. One at the time. No need for episodics of any kind.

Game reviews – I have a history of blogging visual/sound novels. The problem is that they’re so long that it really takes a while to cover them and I am someone who likes to cover as much as he can. A half review or full review of the games I’m playing sounds reasonable. There are many classics VN that I haven’t touched yet like Type Moon among others.

Favorite shows? I’ve always wanted to talk about my other favorite shows of all time which range from 9 to perfect 10’s. Reviews aren’t the best way to go imo so I should be able to introduce them in a more appealing way.

So much to do, so little time.

* Once again I welcome readers, (yet) unidentified X lurkers, casual visitors, first timers and anyone who wants to visit this place and who find the content interesting.  Let’s have a most fun, irrationally rational, confrontational, and entertaining match. Like the Japanese say.

~ Yoroshiku onegaishimasu


9 thoughts on “Critical Site Changes – Keikakudoori JaP revised edition

  1. Nice banner! The yellow-orangish background is ok I guess, it just contrasts a lot with the white of the posts.

    Also, JaP? Then I’ll be calling it KKKDR. I’ll just use the first 3 letters…KKK! You’re such a racist, man. Just kidding, JaP is good I guess.

    I personally thought that you were going to go with some Umineko or Higurashi banner, but Kyon’s great too. He’s one of the most normal and best characters with common sense I’ve seen in entertainment.

    • There’s no easy way to shorten the site name. Ironic enough it sounds condescending even when I’m not trying. I blame Light and Lelou…, ok, now I know why it sounds that way.

      I tried to go for the KKDR once but it never got popular (Durarara! makes it sounds so easy) and since it’s already being shortening as JaP might as well go with it.

      I wouldn’t worry much about the background. I’ll keep changing it in the next weeks. Thanks for the feedback :)

    • Certainly!

      I don’t know about the last part, but you have have to most finitely ride in style when the occasion requires, Toronto-san. What do you think, everyone?

  2. 07th Expansion secret project – ???? wtf! mm Will you do the ep6 thing when the 1st patch will be released or will you wait for the full one?

    This new look have just 1 problem. that the replys on umineko post seems too long with this bigger fonts.

    • WH does 1st patches? (assuming experimental or something like that) I don’t know but I have intentions of jumping a bit on EP6 when I’m done blogging EP5 which should end with the last entry of End of the Golden Witch. At least I’ll pick up the prologue part of EP6 I think.. I don’t know if that’s good or a bad thing. We’ll see. So far I have tried to avoid all spoilers at all costs.

      On the writing – on the bright side it looks like I’m writing a lot, ok, even more. Um, you’re right it does become obvious when there are multiple responses and I was scrolling more than I used to. Hmm… what I think I’ll do is add pages to the comment section.

      Ok, I did it. Now you can skip to the “newer” or “older” replies by clicking those arrows. Hopefully this will make it easier when the numbers of responses go over 5, the replies excluded

  3. I like both banners, they look really cool and have lots of colors.

    I’m looking forward to your manga and videogame reviews. They really seem interesting. And, of course, reading the voice actor entries as well.

    Blogs seem like an interesting activity. Though I’ve realized that I’m more of a reader than a writer, since no one reads what I write and I don’t have a lot of time to write and do the things most bloggers do. So yeah.

    As for “JaP”, at first I thought it was short for “Japanese” and I was all “Huh?”
    Then, I got it. I feel silly.

    • Either with all letters in uppercase or not is fine.

      Hey, I read them! Whenever I can, that is. I’d create a deviantart account but someone already took my name. How rude :\

      • Awwww, thank you!
        That happens a lot in dA. It’s particularly annoying if the person who took the name first isn’t even active.

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