Top Favorite Voice Actors: Tomokazu Seki


You probably are familiar with the guy. Famous voice actor in the industry and personal favorite of mine. Seki has a cool and relaxed voice that  is fairly easy to recognize and easy to get familiar with.  What’s special about the guy? He has voiced a large range of characters and it’s simply impossible to not have heard of him, but there’s a bit more to that.

How I knew him first as : Brandom Heat (Gungrave)
Favorite role so far : Sagara Sousuke (Full metal panic!)

From his dead  serious business, socially inept Mithril soldier Sagara Sousuke in the FMP! series to a more normal, deeper and older voice as Tanaka in Genshiken, to an even more relaxed voice on top of being highly eloquent as Jun in all of the Key’s Kanon versions to Chikai Shinichi in musical anime Nodame Cantabile whose attitude is both serious and haughty (in a good way) and go perfectly for someone who is both motivated and always aspires to get better – are a few examples of his work.

How I see Seki is as someone who possesses a vastly “balanced”and cool voice. Seki has both relaxing and gentlemanly (for lack of a better word) voice. To contrast this, though not always the case Seki every now and then does comedic characters where his voice drastically changes and transforms. For example in Kenichi History’s strongest disciple he has a rather screechy (emphasize) voice that breaks up more often than one imagines. Lastly, the main character I knew Seki first for was as Brandom Heat in Gungrave, a stoic and solemn character and someone who does not screw around around, serving the mafia along with his best friend. His voice also works great for making those needed rapid-fire comebacks lines for boke and tsukkomi roles which are always amusing to see in anime.

It’d be strange if I’d say it in a different situation but I rather enjoy the simpleness of his voice, which although it’s not as extravagant, as highly recognizable or as versatile as  Koyasu per se is still fairly distinguishable. Seki has actually a very cool voice it is xtremely easy to listen to. Not to mention, he’s someone who is impossible to not have heard of before.


3 thoughts on “Top Favorite Voice Actors: Tomokazu Seki

  1. Tomokazu is indeed very good. Kenichi’s role is still one of his best for me, especially at the second last episode when he switched voices to imitate the masters.

    • Always would like to see more of his work in the future. And more of Kenichi in particular,whenever they give it the green light for the 2nd season.

  2. I. I just feel like my saying “My life has been a lie” because I honestly cannot believe that this amazing seiyuu voiced Kenichi, Sousuke and Chiaki. I first heard him in FMP! so it’s really hard to believe that he voiced Kenichi with an unbelievable “squeaky” voice.

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