Blogging Umineko Chiru DAWN – 38 – The Yandere Express

I’ll never look at tape the same ever again. I, Keikakudoori, have spoken.

You called? You’re right, Furfur. You’re right, Zeppar ☆ Everything is due to LOVE~ Didn’t have to wait this long to know that it was gonna happen, I knew Ryukishi07 couldn’t help himself. I just knew it and here it is. Possibility one of the more amusing twists in DAWN, that and still being an Erika centered game. What’d I do otherwise? Meanwhile, I have to appreciate the return of Bernkastel’s 1001 faces and those chopsticks. Yes. Chopsticks I say Continue reading


Blogging Umineko Chiru DAWN – 37 – LOVE LOVE LOVE

Totally. I also hate it when nosy random transvestite demons get in my private affairs and start giving me advice. When they Cry 4 has now made traps to be both magical on top of being metaphorical but who is who and what it what? It should be more than clear that this part of the story tells you that simple reasoning isn’t enough. Then how much is it required?

Oh yeah, that’s the part where I come in. Continue reading

Blogging Umineko Chiru DAWN – 36 – In which it does [Not] always Follow

“Have no fear. No matter how difficult the crime, I will solve it. That’s a detective’s job.”

Most noble, I know. I know! Mind you, that is followed later by Erika’s facial distortion and brutally sending murder doll Dlanor to destroy a feeble truth. You’d think that normally two Beatrice would equal twice the trolling, huh? However, most unfortunately that isn’t the case. We have chick Beatrice and Elder Beatrice and no signs of Beatroll. Continue reading

Blogging Umineko Chiru DAWN – 35 – Welcome to the real When they Cry Theater

You STILL have not solved this riddle, reader-san? Sigh, and I’ve told you so many hints..

Without a doubt, If you want an EP to massive mindrape you then DAWN is for you.  It’s just that DAWN both amuse and piss you off on a higher plane level because of too many twisted developments in the tale that range from metaphoric to I don’t even ones. The level of mindrape level top tier that I could only picture Ryukishi doing it. Me? I’m just here to help you Continue reading

Analyzation : Dawn of the Golden Witch of Trollfest and Doorama

A review for you, child of man

In case you were wondering what my reaction was. I feel like going ¨step back and let me show you how it´s done¨ to the current Game Master. Dawn was ominous, outrageous, and completely twisted. Dawn of the Golden Witch is a like an episode that gets stranger and stranger by the minute. Not one anime fans are used to. Familiar yet completely different from the previous (and many) odd experiences we’ve had in this twisted game. Wonderful yet so damn displeasing. Unique in its own demented way. Demented all the way. I truly think Rykushi07 enjoys making me pull L5 faces. This wasn´t an exception. Continue reading