In Regard to the Liberties taken in horror stories

Where’s Waldo?
Stories allow plenty of liberties to be taken to create plots and maintain the stories by letting events happen and elements to develop. Main characters are the driving force and in the center of the stories and more than often being the why of how things turn out. Sometimes more illogical in nature than logical the liberties taken shape the story when things happen because they happen. This is a in regard to such matters in stories, Another, and the things we’ve come to accept. Continue reading


Blood C Ends Go Watch the Movie Next Year

bunnies are set loose, bunnies everywhere we look

We sure will, doc. We sure will. After 12 weeks the mad creation of Blood x Clamp X I.G. ends. Blood-C had an idea. It wasn’t a bad idea, not that it was original either, but they were very very bad at actually doing it. The Blood-C team confused rather than surprised the audience with a slice of life meets horror show product Continue reading

The Anime Summer Season in Retrospect

How was the Summer? It isn’t hot anymore and there’s a cool breeze out there. After 3 months and something more the Summer ends. A varied season with crazy matrix effects, Taiga ver. 2.0, doom devices, aliens, and take your pick shows, they all end along with others from the Spring. To recall, hell was raised when HOTD Madhouse Saeko was dodging bullets and panthers were flying courtesy of A-1. Hell was raised when Mitsudomoe and Seitokai were crude and cruder, one more than the other. Lastly hell was raised when people not dying when they’re killed. One of these shows could easily make you want to punch them in the genitals at times, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves we’ll get back to that. I assure you.

Time to put a lid on the Summer 10. Continue reading

The Success of Highschool of the Dead

So it ends most entertaining show of the Summer 10. It may deny it itself but it still ended with a powerful Bang. Never mind the other shows that are still on. Highschool of the Dead reached its end with a 12 eps full of zombie and amusing antics of survivors from a local School with bats and guns on hand. Here, I am more than pleased with it.

Remember that type of show that everyone watches and is recommended to you followed by some tips on how to enjoy it more. Do this. Don’t do that. Highschool of the Dead was like an arrow on the hands of a good archer having an even better day. Low changes of missing and with a higher rate of hitting the mark right on the middle black dot. We knew  he might miss the center  but he was still going to be close. Pretty close. Pretty damn close.  Continue reading

Working!! the show with great SUPPORTING characters

in contrast with crappy main ones. See what I did there? Working!! was fine. Personally, I liked Working!! It was one of the shows in the Spring season I picked up weekly. Very simple and using a safe formula. Its main attraction were the quirky, weird, what have you, characters of the show that did and behaved in ways I hope people who work for the public don’t (unless I’m one of them) Working!! was amusing but I soon found that there were only things I liked about the show than the show “altogether”. Continue reading