In Not so Many Words What I Actually Thought of Higanbana the 2nd Night

Higanbana vn tea gentleman

Being a Higanbana Beta Tester I had my first Higanbana the 2nd Night dose quite early and after reading it I can say that the 2nd Night is a vast improvement from the first title, but it is still no mystery that Higanbana lacks serious prominence among VN readers even among  07th Expansion readers.

Higanbana is still the odd cousin out of the 07thExpansion family. Pretty awkward, not as cool, or prominent and not many give it a proper chance. Factions are often divided between “love it” or perpetually “hate it”. Chances are that when someone is reading this at this moment this is one of the few places where one will find something of a review of one of 07th Expansion’s less popular works. The general response compared to its more popular titles is of simple acknowledging that it exists and expressing silent okays. In which case, this is probably you, my dear 07th Expansion reader, not expressing evident excitement. Continue reading


From a Fan : Zero Escape 3 Must Happen and the Struggle of being Niche


You know what we don’t get enough of? Big figures such as Japanese writers and producers to communicate with western fans.With the times and technology bringing the world even closer together every year, more figures of VN and gaming scene are reaching out to the western fanbase.

This is a good change. I’d love to read and follow what big Japanese writers and producers are saying yet the language barrier has always proven to be something difficult to overcome, for many fans this is the same. Zero Escape sequel being on hold with an unknown future are terrible news. But you know what? I’m glad that Kotaro Uchikoshi is officially speaking out of the dire Zero Escape situation so everyone is aware of it. He has been responding to fans in English a few times in the past about it but right now he has made an English twitter account especially to communicate with the fans. Continue reading

The Theory of the Diligent Student (Thou shalt attend school)

You can (not) go to school

For as long as I can remember young fictional protagonists with the mission to complete their academic duties have been rigorously attending school despite all odds. Hindered by implausible situations, aliens, nude characters that appear in one’s room because clothing doesn’t travel well between dimensions, and fantastic formidable foes illegally visiting the planet from unknown worlds because one dimension is not enough, the path to successfully graduate is nothing short of problematical and arduous one. Continue reading

Umineko Twilight 51 – The Last Battle of the End of a Certain World (Row Row Fight the Power)

Umineko Twilight 51 blogging

Do the impossible. See the invisible. ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWER
Punch the unpunchable. Break the unbreakable. ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWER
Solve the unsolvable. ROW ROW FIGHT BERNKASTEL
Troll the untrollable. ROW ROW FIGHT THE WITCHES
"what you gonna do is what you wanna do
 just break the rule, then you see the truth"

> Battler you magnificent son of a bitch. Continue reading

The Plan to Obtain an Elusive Rare Aksys VLR 999 Watch (The Narrator Series)

– “Despite the general consensus there were still whimsical deities I had not inadvertently pissed off.”

Morning had not come yet the sensation of feeling more awake had not been this powerful in weeks and no one had not been as eager to go into temporary slumber for the next hours just the same.

Little was known at that point the process would be repeated more than once, twice and possibly more times for no one knew exactly how many times this odd ritual was to be repeated. Like a time-loop that is still to reach its final world reset before coming to an end. Rarely would this person go to such lengths for a watch. But this was no ordinary watch. And this was more than telling the time. Continue reading