In Not so Many Words What I Actually Thought of Higanbana the 2nd Night

Higanbana vn tea gentleman

Being a Higanbana Beta Tester I had my first Higanbana the 2nd Night dose quite early and after reading it I can say that the 2nd Night is a vast improvement from the first title, but it is still no mystery that Higanbana lacks serious prominence among VN readers even among  07th Expansion readers.

Higanbana is still the odd cousin out of the 07thExpansion family. Pretty awkward, not as cool, or prominent and not many give it a proper chance. Factions are often divided between “love it” or perpetually “hate it”. Chances are that when someone is reading this at this moment this is one of the few places where one will find something of a review of one of 07th Expansion’s less popular works. The general response compared to its more popular titles is of simple acknowledging that it exists and expressing silent okays. In which case, this is probably you, my dear 07th Expansion reader, not expressing evident excitement. Continue reading


In which 19 Qs. about Rose Guns Days Demo are Answered

It’s a welcome surprise when a demo dishes out as much as possible as it can. Doing better than it could do wrong Rose Gun Days is a pleasant surprise from 07th Expansion works this year. A fresh story, a new adventure, improved graphics, upbeat music, the sizzling hard-boiled of it all. It’s like I’m dealing with something completely different. Continue reading

For the concerned and natural skeptic : Delving into Higanbana no Saku Yoru Ni

Higanbana had a terrible start with a forgettable manga that I proceeded to drop faster than a gold ingot from a cliff. It became easy to realize so much of the story was being left out. I thought to myself, this is not the Higanbana I want to read. This is not the Higanbana I’m meant to read. Continue reading

Analyzation : Dawn of the Golden Witch of Trollfest and Doorama

A review for you, child of man

In case you were wondering what my reaction was. I feel like going ¨step back and let me show you how it´s done¨ to the current Game Master. Dawn was ominous, outrageous, and completely twisted. Dawn of the Golden Witch is a like an episode that gets stranger and stranger by the minute. Not one anime fans are used to. Familiar yet completely different from the previous (and many) odd experiences we’ve had in this twisted game. Wonderful yet so damn displeasing. Unique in its own demented way. Demented all the way. I truly think Rykushi07 enjoys making me pull L5 faces. This wasn´t an exception. Continue reading

I welcome you all to my very own game board – Episode 0 Trial of the golden witch

Keikakudoori is the only one who gets his own game. True fact

Let’s kinda put Umineko aside for the moment and properly give it a place. Umineko is a lot like real life, except for the plot mysteries, the gold, the goatmen, the jell-o, the giant cakes.. but that’s kind besides the point. I welcome all 07th Expansion fans to my very own Game board where I’ll continue to make sense of everything in this complex mystery have to offer.  This contains no spoilers btw.  Continue reading