Keikaku Aniblog Tourney Post

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A friendly reminder that you can vote today for Just as Planned at the ABT. This isn’t my usual going over 2k words post, not an Experiment Post either, not really an editorial post, but I do wish it’ll be well received nonetheless. Just as Planned has made it to the 3rd Round of the ABT. What does this mean? It means that we’re entering the latter stages of the tourney. What is Just as Planned anyhow? Good question. It’s a place where there won’t be TL:notes, motivational posters or long summaries. It’s a place focusing not on episodics or reviews but commentary and sporadic doses of editorials. My mission is to cover different topics and in different ways, so there are entries that will leave you wondering or pondering. Likely more wondering than latter.

Some popular topics are :
The Experiment Series
 – watching anime in unusual ways because – why not?
Visual Novel Blogging – One of few places to blog VN stories. Currently, 07th expansion works with a chance of expanding to other titles.
First Impressions – Done at the start of a new anime season.
The Anime Seasons by Names – New Project which will eventually cover other mediums.
Commentary– Informal writing featuring different titles.

Editorials, casual commentary, visual novels blogging, manga talk, and other general topics about the medium. There’s too many topics to still cover. We’ll eventually get in there.

Two blogs out of the four will make it to the next round. If you like Just as Planned you can vote for it by following the poll link. Poll closes June 12th 20:00 GMT. The support is appreciated.