This Blog Hits 200,000K of Fantabulousness

The results of my endeavors have satisfactorily harmonized with the forecast that I generated and acted upon in accordance to a detailed analysis of the situation at hand and the desired goals that were stated by key stakeholders and interested parties at the outset of the events that previously unfolded.

Come and congratulate me or kick in the knee. I’d go for the first one because the power of fabulousness commands it. No one is above it.
For all regulars, Anime Nano clickers, lurkers and associated. Just as Planned reaches 200,000k, so here’s your regular achievement entry should I say? Too many things to say. Let’s go with the brief version instead.

What is this exactly? Just as Planned is followed by commentary and every now and then editorials about anime and to not be too redundant this is an anime blog, also a VN blog and whatever I find interesting about these hobbies, and discrepancy from me ranging from regular to cynical to constructive and back and forth usually ending up discussions indulging in the quality or lack therefore of them and how the industry is. Sometimes great others not so great, but let’s go with them, it gives me something to write about, huh.

Let’s wrap this up.

Will this Blog go on? As long as I’m in charge and interested in doing what I do it’ll go on (and if you have suggestions or comments this should be the time). If you can praise and also make fun of anime sometimes at the same time then why not do it every now and then? It’s a healthy measure to have that keeps many things away. Like that saying about the apple and the doctor, but more believable.

So keep coming regularly whenever there’s something interesting happening and for whatever tickles your fancy. Besides, I’m the only one with a tag in Danbooru and Google knows me. That’s have to count for something, right?

and for some news about something I created but never used before. *drums*

Oh yeah, you can now legally stalk me @ My Twitter for news, one-liners, and see me go on in  my usual monologues. Good stuff. It’ll be like blogging only 140 words short, oh yeah, and with a blue bird.

and for something I don’t say enough.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Congrats, and you are finally on Twitter? I only officially admit people who are ordained there to be anibloggers. w

    Actually it is so I can stalk them. w

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