First post of 2013 and other Formalities

2013 Year Keikaku– This much sense

2013 the year important things are going to happen despite not knowing what Chinese zodiac animal the year is. I imagine I could google it but that’s beside the point.

Anime-wise there isn’t much this season other than Maoyu and if there is one that doesn’t rely on self-slapping I’d like to hear it. So I’m sitting this season out, do other older shows, and stick to shows from last season such as JoJo and Psycho-Pass and see why how Urobuchi Gen saves the industry.

– Meanwhile whatever happened in these past weeks.

Zero Escape : VLR was beyond amazing and everyone should play it (also puzzles).  Was done with Borderlands 1 in four days. Also totally not Fallout. Some samurai stories are about honor others are like Hanachirasu. Ever17 gives different POVs a new meaning. Read read a lot of books because reading is fun (yeah I said that).

– Older projects

There’s a certain 07th Expansion story I need to finish and an(?) extensive Q/A final piece (just the idea of it gives me a headache) I need to do because because I haven’t written this much without properly wrapping this piece up and revealing everything I’ve been doing and why. So yeah, you’ll probably be reading things you already knew, figured, didn’t know, and didn’t want to know.

The whole thing is likely to end in March.

– New/Ongoing Projects

Working on the medium and big projects as announced and other projects in this entry so they’ll be posted when I’m completely done with them. Why? Because I’m terrible with exact dates. Meanwhile, I’ll do short posts and try if it’s possible to write under 1500k words.

* I foresee a long hiatus half year due many changes. We’ll call them twists to be fancy.

TL:DR of an already short entry.

Long projects posted in groups. Older projects still posted every now and then. More writings based on this list and whatever other surprises. Btw, this will be *the* year I play Fate Stay Night VN, which is a huge thing in itself.

– Have a nice (year).