Guide to Just as Planned Future Projects and Updates

It’s that time again.

New theme means new headers, new backgrounds, new projects, the continuation of projects, and bullet points. Oh, many bullet points.

Pros of New Theme

  • Slicker design
  • Fresher look now with +H2O
  • Easier to read (at least I think so)
  • A ferries wheel
  • Updated blogroll
  • It looks like I’ve writing plenty even when I’m not. What Bloggers aren’t supposed to tell you.
  • Rotating headers
  • Ahoges.

Cons of New Theme

  • HTML is a tad messy and unresponsive.
  • 640px images from former theme may look blurry now.
  • A border around all images I can’t fully get rid of.
  • WordPress “Load more” instead of older posts button.
  • That it escaped me that this blog was unofficially referred to as Keikaku. I should know these things.
  • Sometimes I get the Konami code wrong.

We’re not dealing with a teeter-totters here yet there are ups and downs to new changes.

It’s been real busy. Reading books, eng patches, news, projects, ABTs. Pros and Cons. Pros and cons.

Cons of ABT

  • Drags on too long, but that probably can’t be avoided.
  • Had a downtime like it was Diablo III.
  • Limited involvement from the administrators unlike last time.
  • Old recycled drama. It was like an Otaku version of a Lifetime movie.
  • I will never watch Tenchi Muyo.
  • Could’ve been more fun polls.
  • The internet still gets my gender wrong.
  • ABT still doesn’t have an OP theme. I voted for Tank! Obviously it went unnoticed.

Pros of ABT

  • Somewhat better system and preparation than last time.
  • Many bloggers got to hear some constructive feedback.
  • METANORN‘s AT review project was the most concise guide to all blog participating.
  • Finding new blogs.
  • Somewhat clever drama minus the forced drama.
  • A better blog chart.
  • It was fun.

That’s pretty much the gist of it. Onto whatever will be of a place where things go according to plan. Unlike time-traveling to the wrong time-line or universe, but that’s probably a different term. Like that awkward time Homura ended up in Steins;Gates.

> What can I not expect?

Not episodics : I don’t watch as many shows as I used to neither do I follow as many new shows.
Not Reviews : As in ratings or actual standard reviews. Nope, I talk about whatever related topic to the medium I found interesting and explain why.
Blog #344542 :
no news entries, image galleries. Keikaku is supposed to be about ideas.
To agree with everything :
Keikaku isn’t here to agree for the sake of agreeing neither I’m here to senselessly antagonize. If I don’t agree, I’ll say why. If I do, I’ll also say why.
To say and do the same thing everyone does :
What’s the point of having a personal blog if we’re all saying and doing the same thing because we feel we need to? I want to read and write something new.


( Visual Novel Related )

I don’t play every game out there, but those that I do I like to write about. I’ll still have to finish those Umineko Twilight entries which I will try to keep posting once a month (except this month). They aren’t that long anyway since the final game is rather short.

Higanbana no Saku Koro Ni : Thus far I’m only planning on making one or two entries. Not really top-tier material. Also no demand or interest = no blogging. Baffling crazy concept.
Guns Rose Days : I’m interested. I’m definitely interested. Interested like in a Nitro+ game, interested like in time-loop stories. If I finish Umineko Twilight by then I’ll probably get on that boat.
Other Visual Novel Blogging : Hard to say but at some point I’d like to blog a title from other vn studios.

Picture indicates no fanboyism or favoritism

( Series and Projects )

The Season by Titles : There are 4 seasons in each year. To get to the year 2000 it’ll be a lot of entries and I’m not shooting for that many but I’d like to go through a couple of past seasons. Note: Posts will be shorter.

The Experiment Series : Mostly I usually pick random shows I’m not watching to make these. I enjoy making these entries and thinking up ways of making them. If you have suggestion you can contact me or leave comments. And Oh yeah, I do watch these experiments like that.

Novels/LN : No reviews. I am not a fan of light novels but there are a few book I’ve been reading and I kinda want to write about them in short length about some details. Project is unlikely.

The Anime Title Bible : I’ve been designing a formula to group all possible anime title combinations into categories.The project will take the +400 anime titles I’ve finished and the +100 titles I’ve dropped. An ambitious project indeed.

Theory-weaving : I quit everything and started a detective agency only I didn’t. I enjoyed theorizing in general, be it video games, anime, or anything as soon as there is a problem to be solved. This involves any type of story or medium. We’ll continue this project.

My Life as a (Genre) Anime Character – This is no Diary of an Anime Lived though I sure lived through some shows and franchises. You know what they do and the rules in their universe. Too-detailed anecdotes of the life of an average anime character. Cliches galore.

( Narrator Series ) : Superfluous nonsensical POV heavy writing when I feel like writing about nonsense in semi-interesting ways. Basically, it is the act of narrating. It is something that I’ve been doing in The Experiment Series. Imagine that but multiplied.

Creating Characters/Character Creation : Short entries on what the authors might’ve thought when creating certain main characters. Examples are provided.

Backlog Posts : Everyone got them.

>Will it be next week? Next month? This is a list of projects and entries that will be featured in the future in addition to what it is regularly blogged. Keikaku will still be a niche place for anime | manga | visual novel and topics about the medium. About regular entries, commentary, the art of theorizing, and editorials in addition to bizarre series and occurrences.

To all regulars, lurkers, casual, new and future readers – Welcome and welcome again. And here’s to another year.


7 thoughts on “Guide to Just as Planned Future Projects and Updates

  1. Looking forward to it!
    By the way, what IS your real gender? Now I’m curious. YOU BETTER NOT PULL A LION ON ME

    • I must’ve mentioned it in some posts, you know, the laws of grammar and all that. Still finding it a bit baffling.

      Luckily I do have a larger image of this one. I’ll make some changes later tonight. Let me know how the background looks by then.

  2. I’ll miss the previous background, it had a really melancholic air to it. But, then again, missing it will make it even more melancholic, so it’s fine.
    Fresh backgrounds, new theme and Keikakudoori pulling a Lion on us, can’t wait for future posts.

    P.S: Too bad you didn’t pass Round 3, but you made it further than last year, right?
    Next year you’ll reach further!

    • I wish wordpress could randomly rotate backgrounds like they do with headers too. One second there’s the background the next one there’s another.

      Oh yeah, Keikaku made it further this year and almost made it to the 4th round. Not too bad. Not too bad.

  3. Agree with what you mention about the ABT. I’d even like it to be more ‘data-based’, if possible. They say I’m being too serious, but what’s wrong about it?

    Great projects! Keep up the good work

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