First Impressions – Seikon no Qwaser and Omamori Himari are Horribly not THAT Horrible

You’re it!

Seikon no Qwaser – Here I thought I was going to drop this show after the first episode and write a Last Impressions post instead. Surprisingly, I didn’t. For a show with a tremendously ridiculous plot I wasn’t that much put off by its idiocy. Qwaser was entertaining at best and insulting at most. Though, it’s not usually the case, what I just said could be considered a compliment. All things considered.

It’s called gravity

The first half of the ep revolved around the two sisters (or not?) their unusual friendliness, them or at least the dumber one being subjected to class bullying, and/or making the viewer wonder how it’s possible that Tomo doesn’t get hit in the face while running. Good question though, but I don’t have the answer to that. I can already see this show is filled with plenty of exciting mysteries.

there’s already a Horo cameo in Durarara! why not one of Haruhi here

Mysteries and law defying parts Qwaser was OK. Here I’m just stretching the usage of the word OK but let’s just go with this time this. The character designs were fine to some extent except for the classmates but no one cares about them. Despite the odd and unexpected Russian that sent chills down my virtual spine and the ridiculousness of the whole sucking GOT POWER premise, Aleksander was OK. I was expecting him to be the mentally challenged and much depraved ecchi male lead that at times makes me wish we didn’t share the same gender but he wasn’t. It was somewhat amusing how he does ecchi things and gets away with it like he owns the place or classroom or other people’s bodies. Btw, this was a lot funnier than the next time time when I  learned what soma actually meant. This is an  emergency. I repeat this is an emergency. Guy low on minerals. I repeat. Guy too low on carbohydrates,  proteins and other crucial minerals. It’s pretty much impossible to take the show seriously regardless of the apparent drama.

There’s no clear explanation why the females of Quazwer lactate or why Aleksander still is in the necessity to keep doing something he should’ve stopped at a very early age . Despite of all that he was serious guy, though definitely not a normal guy but with some promise to balance the stupidity of the show. Is this show ridiculous? Yes. It’s a stupid show. Is the level of distastefulness reaching the level below of depravity? As of now, no.

Verdict: Until this mildly entertaining show is sucked dry.

Omamori Himari – This show is a lot easier to place. I can already see where it’s going, what’ll happen next and how it’ll even end. I don’t even need to have read the manga for that. A large amount of experience with shows that share similar premises and developments bless me with the useless knowledge of seeing into the future of cliche shows.

There is high chance that Himawari will display minimal features that will set itself apart from others many show of the same genre. Without a doubt, Himawari plays it safe and it’s entertaining enough to give it a few more tries. The childhood friend still annoying as hell though. I suppose that’s it for first impressions for now. Now, going back to Umineko or whatever riddle I come across.

Verdict: A Himawari is fine too.