Sora no Woto – 06 ¬ Organized Soranowoto ¬

and they said they didn’t have a mafia

The squad led by Fecilia fakes out a whole scene to make them seem like a powerful force to not be trifle with in front of actual gangster. For more effect they literally put out the big guns and did the whole say hello to my little friend scene. Lots of empty shells were flying away all over the place They had the whole gangster thing down. The camera from looking from below and the seriousness, like they were the Sorapranos. Among all the fake out scenes there was one thing for sure, that they all stick like family in good and bad times . We learn that what they are doing could send them to jail if the army were to find out. Kudos to Ficilia in her role as a godmother and the rest for playing their parts like pros. Nah, I won’t question how they managed to missed all shots  even if purposely. Continue reading


Ookami Kakushi – 05 – Big Bad Wolf is no more – OH DESIIIIIIIIRE!!

These guys are our next big theory. I kid you not

That would totally make Hiroshi to be the Little Red Riding Hood. Crazy logic. But do not worry, everyone. Oyashiro-sama has listened to all your prayers. There is no longer more Yaoikakushi, Yaoi & Wolf or Hidden Yaoi. Bummer for those who enjoyed it but great news for the rest of us. Time to go pick this up again in case you dropped it because of it. For those who are taking an interest in OKK again. Welcome back! Continue reading

Ookami Kakushi – 04 – This Case is now officially Anti-Fantasy. It’s theory time. I’m in your show tearing this mystery to shreds


or whatever till I say otherwise. Fallen wolves? Red butterflies? There’s a logical explanation for this! Awesome episode was awesome. You know what makes this episode better than the others? Proven fact: It’s the lack of Isuzu in this one for me. Nemuru opens the window like she’s letting out all the crappiness that partly filled the past episodes and welcomes the better stuff. I applaud her for this. Continue reading