In not so many words what I actually thought of Gantz’ Ending

Gantz manga the end

I recall a summer back in 2005-2006 when I picked up Gantz the first time. Little did I know that late evening and my sleep would be gone instead dedicated to Gantz the moment I read the first chapter. Before I knew it I was over the first 100 chapters into a story of personal survival, to save the earth, unspeakable monsters, and ultra tight black suits. My mind filled with contents I wouldn’t wish to others unless they’d agree to it. I confess that this is not a rare experience as many who have picked up Gantz reacted in a similar way – they can’t put it down. Much like those freakishly bizarre aliens. That’s because Gantz is an experience on its own. Everything has to end at some point. If there is any team of people who has earned their rest in the manga story, I’m sure Gantz would be up there. Continue reading

Secret Santa Project : Hyakko Where Boys be Ambitious is actually about Girls

Hyakko Secret Santa Project

Remember that oblivious easy going friend back in school who was always upbeat always mysteriously in a good mood for no apparent reason. The classmate who got himself or herself in trouble and sometimes made you tag along for the ride. This is the same person who sometimes said and acted in ways that didn’t make a whole lot of sense, to many even to this day. Torako is that type of person. Not a whole lot intelligent with a short attention span and neither a lot coherent nor consistent. But much fun to be around. Continue reading

Persona 4 – The show everyone will be watching

*Puts on sunglasses*

There’s no denying that high expectations of a series are based on how outstanding its other titles are. There is so much I’ve come to expect of Atlus after I became an avid SMT with DS, SJ, and Nocturne, continuously open to dive deeper into their world.  The Fall comes and Persona 4 anime is announced and there comes the moment when the biggest decision is to watch or not watch an adaptation of a game you hadn’t touched before. After some thinking I said to myself why not? Let’s just watch this. Continue reading

Fall Digest : Chihayafuru – Watch this Show Now

Chihaya tactical push!

Chihayafuru is the type of show that solely based on the synopsis and no paying attention to the studio in question one would dismiss it as yet another generic, factory manufactured material or by one that is too dissimilar to one’s own tastes to like. The big news is that Chihayafuru is better than that.

I seriously like how Chihayafuru starts. It shows a dreadfully cliché list of sequences, the  school gate, the ever-present cherry blossoms, and the students rushing to class. It’s like something gotten out of the school anime book, then it throws you curve ball with the oddball of a bishoujo looking to get members for an unpopular club. Chihayafuru you have my attention. Continue reading

Fall Digest : This is how it is being in Middle of Nowhere

In the future, also, we have half-naked men running around, women are either pettanko or double DDs. They forgot to mention that too. Lack of enough info dump.

Now we know. Ok, seriously. Why is anime so confusing lately?  I don’t mean that it’s intricate with so much depth that the concepts are hard to grasp in one go. I mean the total opposite, I’m talking about shows presented in a fashion so stripped from any sense that makes sense only to the creators of the show. This is something that I’d like to address in greater detail at some point, but I’ll leave that discussion for later. Anime, start making sense from the start or at least give us something that tells us you’re doing it on purpose. Continue reading