Ōkamikakushi – You May Have Already Angered Oyashiro-sama. Let her be Onikakushi’ed!!

The most awaited show of the season by me is finally here and of course, a mandatory first impression is much needed. I can already see that there exists similar yet conflicting ideas cornering Ryukishi07’s new project between fans and myself. This is true as there were both good but also bad things that Ookamikakushi had in the first episode. Let’s start with the bad then move on to the good then end with the verdict.

The bad –should there be any bitching complaining it’s coming from me.

Insipid main character A girly looking guy (?) with no apparent redeeming quality who is below average in just about everything except for his high endless 9 trappiness level delivered by the great Yu Kobayashi who, btw, just cemented her position as top seiyuu for effeminate characters in anime more than ever.  There’s not to like about Kuzumi to be brutally frank. I know this is the first episode but in my opinion his attitude is what is killing this show. The preview didn’t look like he was going to be any different  as it looked like he was the one being assaulted by a girl  his own age. I don’t care that much about what happens to him atm. Time for sex change, Kuzumi. See Kampfer for more details.  

Music They were was so-so. They should have been more dramatic and a lot more darker in my opinion. It lacked the deep mystic that this show is going for. Also the wtf galge-ish music that started playing when they were at school was horrendous. I literally went WTF is this? It was just wrong to be crudely frank. Don’t do that again.

Please let her die – I have to agree with a great majority and say that Isuzu is overbearing annoying character. Please let Isuzu be onikakushi’ed first.  She’s like the get out of my show character in any show that will not just not go away or the loud cricket inside your bedroom. The only thing that puts my mind at easy is the scene at the start of the episode implying she gets brutally killed. Thanks for  partly ruining the first episode for me, Isuzu. Also what is up with the sudden hugging and the creepy friendliness she displayed? I’d say yandere alert but  it was beyond badly done how her whole act was handled that I’m not sure I even want her to be in the story at all. Also let it be known that if she was going for Rena Ryuugu’s cuteness she epicly failed. Bottom line is that her whole scene should’ve worked out differently and handled better because they felt plain awkward, rushed, and plain idiotic. Please don’t do that again.

The character designs – This was my biggest fear before the show even started. There’s a simple reason for this–change. I’m already accustomed to 07thExpansion designs and Studio DEEN animating them – badly or not is a different issue – but I’m used to them. This is not the only reason why I wasn’t so thrilled about Peach-pit handling them but also because I feared that the two will be incompatible. Ookamikakushi didn’t put my mind at ease after watching the first episode at all to say the least. How are they exactly going to pull any real facial distortions and such when they look that bland? I know that the Higurashi animation was terrible but they worked well with the overall creepiness of the show. I don’t know how it would’ve turned out if the show would have looked all cutesy and COLORFUL. Still, how horrible is the thought that I had wished for Studio DEEN to animate Ookamikakushi at some point? I sneered and virtually slapped myself for having such thoughts, I knew I deserved to be made fun of. Are we going to be wishing for DEEN to  be handling this show in a couple of eps from now? Let’s wait and see.

Good – 『to reach an objective decision  is necessary to consider all factors.

The biggest promise is that Ryukishi07’s work always bring is that they are  something else we thought they would. Everything seems to pointing to be just another simple show then we are  thrown a major curve ball when we least expect it that usually hits us right in the face.  We always get it wrong no matter how much we try. For example, there’s that scene where Kozumi is dragged by his ‘friend’ out of the classroom. That was the first time I felt that something was really going on  in Ookami kakushi, before that I thought something was horribly wrong with this show, in an unwanted way like I mentioned above. It was definitely a good start that something was going on. Undoubtedly, I expect scenes like this to be abundant in any work of Ryukishi07.

Another good point is that there won’t any spoilers whatsoever so let us rest assured that much like Higurashi was, this will be new experience altogether, that is except for the apparent similarities. Similarly, because of the lack of VN material there won’t be comparisons between the two for better or worse. The circle of bitching of people bitching about bitching and others bitching about others bitching will be broken. On the downside, most of us won’t be given the chance to learn how good the original material is, seeing that there is no English translation available whatsoever. Rejoice you’ve solved the epitaph that stops quarreling. Is tea of your liking, Ookamikushi-san?

The presence of bizarre behavior and atmosphere of the town is something that will have to see for ourselves. Why did such things happen? What are they hiding? And what is on the other side of the town? Mystery are always present in Ryukishi07’s work and they are always good reasons to stick around. I’m just hoping that the anime to reveal them  in a shocking, thrilling, and satisfactory way that will keep us on the edge of our seats. I’m looking at you Studio AIC.

Many times Ryukishi07 has managed to put me in a false sense of security, which I always enjoyed but I felt that this time it wasn’t as special or well made as other times were. Certainly, Ookamikushi was lacking in many departments. That and add the involvement of two new elements to Ryukishi07’s work–Peach-pit and Studio AIC . Hopefully, their involvement in his work might not turn out to be some of the biggest factors against it after all. I see that many approve of the designs but personally, I’m already seeing that Peach-Pit designs aren’t cutting it for me. The huge eyes, the chibi-like faces.. the colors. I think you know what I mean.

sure is nostalgic

This new Ryukishi07’s project is already coming down to this: Higurashi fans will love this one, Higurashi fans will hate it because there are so many similarities, in the worst case scenario new people to Higurashi will get the wrong idea about the Higurashi in case Ookami Kakushi turn out to be a lackluster. The last one is that hopefully Ookami kakushi will prove to be different and the viewers will appreciate it for what it is. Question is where are you now and where will you be after Ookami kakushi ends?

I’d like say otherwise but for most part the first episode left much to be desired in many departments. Ookamikakushi is certainly is going somewhere, hopefully, it is in the right direction. However, I’d like to say, that like many Ryukishi07’s works, it shouldn’t be judged based on the first episodes even though it’s a 12-episode show. You have to watch a couple of eps to obtain a better feel and understanding of it. At any rate, I’m skeptical to think Ookamikushi will disappoint me and I expect it to majorly top itself off in the next episodes to come.

Will Ookamikushi to be of high tier like When they Cry series? Almost there? or will this new series be stuck at the bottom of the Onigafuchi swamp and be looked down and bullied by its older brothers and fans? I wonder about that. I wonder.

Verdict: At this point in time it is not determined what it will be done with the issue at hand. Based on the creator’s large achievements it is determined that although Ookami Kakushi isn’t subject of high praise, it is also not  subject to prosecution at the given time. To summarize, more data is required to make a proper and fair judgment of said show. Mandatory action to keep watching is much required to reach an objective verdict.』 That is all.

Verdict 2: On other news, 『Durarara! is a go.』


3 thoughts on “Ōkamikakushi – You May Have Already Angered Oyashiro-sama. Let her be Onikakushi’ed!!

  1. Don’t worry this is ookami kakushi there is no problem hating characters. I do hate her too

    Yeah the music wasn’t really interesting. I would rater prefer Yuki kajira composition.

    DEEN? how can you say that please do not even think about that.

    Let’s wait until give a final veredict to this series

  2. I personally liked the episode. It’s a good start. The whole old village will definitely prove to be interesting. And for me, if it’s similar to Higurashi, then it’s going to be awesome.

    Best character so far is the sister that can’t walk. When I saw her I thought she would be the most typical stereotype character, even an image of Nunally and all her weakness/stupidity came to my mind, but she proved to be all opposite of what I expected her to be.

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