Ryukishi07’s Diary – Another Great Man Has Left This World – Farewell BT

Farewell BT

“Today, I have some very sad news to report. On July 10 of this year.

BT passed away due to an illness.

I decided to wait for the character poll, made possible by all of those volunteers, to finish before making this announcement.
After all, it was an event which BT poured all of his heart and soul into.
Now that it has passed smoothly, I feel that it’s right time to make this announcement, and I sincerely apologize for not explaining his long absence previously…

He was not only my very best friend, but also my very first reader.
I wrote both Higurashi and Umineko because I wanted to surprise him.

During the several months that passed since that day.
I forgot the joy of writing.

However, I know better than anyone else that if I stop writing because of him, he would be the most sad.
So I must write.
But he will no longer read it.

I think I’ll use today as a chance to set my heart back to square one.
No, perhaps it’s just the same as always.
I think I’ll start writing again for him to read.

BT left behind more than his heart and feelings.
The debug system he frequently remodeled is now an essential part of the way we complete these complicated productions in such a short period of time.
We’ll use that system in the upcoming crunch time…no, we’ll probably keep on using it forever.

I plan to continue working on these along with him forever.

To all of you who socialized with BT at special events, thank you very much.
He truly treasured all the unique gifts given to him, and he always had them arranged by his side.
Also, he said that he enjoyed socializing with you more than anything else, and he would always participate in doujin events no matter how busy he was.

I am deeply grateful to all of our fans.
Thank you very much.

BT, thanks so much.
If I hadn’t met you, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

So, if I stop writing, it will be as though I never met you…
So, I’ll grit my teeth and write.
As I remember what you taught me.”

His entry said it all. BT was like a brother to Ryukishi07. After reading the translated Ryukishi’s diary I couldn’t feel but feeling depressed.

Higurashi is a show that made a huge impact. A type of show that I will never forget no matter how many years go by.  07th Expansion’s work something that I can’t begin to fathom how it was done. The level of detail and dedication that their games have has always astonished me . We may have not known much a BT but I will remember him as a person who was deeply involved in the creation of titles that I can proudly call my favorites. I really can’t help but feel saddened even though I did not know BT. Coming from such a great mind such as Ryukishi07 there is no doubt that BT was a great person. They were fortunate the ones that were able to meet him in person. BT definitely someone who deserves respect.

I’m worried that he will lose his will to keep writing. Ryukishi07 knows well that stop writing will not make BT happy so he says that he will keep going. I don’t know if it’ll ever be the same for him. His best friend was the reason why he started making these games now that he’s gone Ryukishi07’s writing won’t be the same. This loss will without a doubt have a more powerful effect in his work we don’t know how exactly it will affect his work but I hope that he is somehow able to turn it around.

There’s always someone or something that inspires us to create. Sometimes I can’t hardly finish a drawing or write an entry if I’m not feeling inspired enough. I can’t image being able to create something of the magnitude of Umineko if I don’t feel I can give it a hundred percent. If he were to stop writing altogether I and his great number of followers would be most sad. I could not blame if him he decide to do that. Personally, the thought of abruptly ending his legacy is something that I hope I don’t get to see the day. There is so much more than Ryukishi07 can give the world. So many mysteries he can create. So many infinity scenarios to work with.  Personally I wouldn’t want it to be over.

Still, I’m more concerned about his well being right now. Maybe he needs to take a break from Umineko, I love his work but I’m not against this idea at all. He has all the right to take some time off and do whatever feels is necessary if he chooses to do so. I actually encourage him to do that.

I sincerely hope that the support of the fans will reach him. I hope that he receives a hug or whatever type of encouragement that he needs the most from his family and friends. I hope that he always remembers that he has people who care for him and fans who greatly admire his work. For being such a person that served as an inspiration to create such glorious titles, BT was a man to be reckoned with. We didn’t know much about him but according to the Witch Hunt, he tremendously helped them with the translation and was always eager to answer any of their questions, and encourage them to keep going. As I understand it he was even of the idea of putting the first Episode for Free. With him gone things are going to be different for the translation group, for  the fans, and even more for Ryukishi07. BT, without a doubt, will be missed.

Ryukishi07 know that you have thousands of fans around the world who all appreciate the hard work you do and will continue to follow you. Ryukishi07, BT and the rest of 07th Expansion have already inspired and given us plenty of great memories. BT’s memory will live on with Ryukishi07’s work. We never knew BT in person but I already feel that I owe him and 07th Expansion more than I could give them back for bringing us such wonderful stories.

I’d like to think that such words will reach Ryukishi07 but that might be hoping too much. If not mine, at least I hope that the words of encouragement of other fans will. As for me I will continue blogging about 07Th Expansion games in my own way as long as I can. As long as I’m able to help even a minuscule amount to their success, that’ll be enough. As long as I’m able to do let the rest of the world know how great their work is, I’m more satisfied.

Rest in Peace, BT
Thank you BT for being such a great inspiration. Thank you for bringing us such beautiful work.


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  1. oh, I heard about this but I didn’t know the details. It is sad but now We can just keep supporting Ryukishi07 as fans with our blogs,post on forums, webpages etc. telling everybody the greatness of his work

    I understand what do you mean with the idea of the one who inspires us. I use to write short stories sometimes on forums and I know the happiness of someone greeting about something that you have created. So if the person who inspired you the most disappears it is logical that you will feel sad.

    P.s: I want to read your Umineko Theories can you tell me or say it on the introduction of the post because I have seen in your front image Ep5 characters and I haven’t read it yet. I’m on EP4 spoiler level

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