There was already something weird from here

Beato is able to send Kannon’spirit to guide Jessica outside the room.  Similar to what she did with George and Shanon Beato helps the couple so they have a bit of time together. She said that there’s no need to thank her for what she has done since she’s done more evil than good. She closes the door with her remaining magic. Beato is such kind witch, isn’t she?


Beato fights for the power of Love

Beato is shot by the Siesta Sisters multiple times in the heart. Only bad stuff happens to people when they leave their a room in this show, I’d be staying indoors in this case. Neither the siesta sisters nor Eva Beatrice can believe that Beato is still standing after so many attacks. Instead of defending herself, Beato uses her remaining magic to close the door where Kannon and Jessica are hiding. Eva Beatrice tells her effort is useless since her magic will be gone after she dies.

Beato taunts Eva B. telling her that she won’t ever be able to use ‘real magic’ and that she’ll spent all eternity that way. Eva is pissed and orders the siesta sisters to fire at Beato over and over until her body disappears. Beato blows up and only her heart remains. The siesta sisters are scared after seeing that and  run away in fear. It’s kinda of funny that even they called Beato a monster considering that all demons and witches would be considered monsters.


Who said Beato didn’t have a heart?

Eva attempts to finish off Beato but Ronove informs her that she even she cannot hurt Beato in this state. Eva B. is frustrated that Kanon still refers to Beato as Beatrice and ignores her existence. Kanon’s spirit appears and informs Beato (now also spirit) that they’re done. He greatly appreciates Beatrice’s effort and thanks her one last time.  Beato finally is able to rest and lets go. Her frail heart falls to the ground and loses its power. Eva is furious and she walks up to Beato and plans on stomping on her moe heart now that there isn’t enough Endless magic to stop her. Time breezes.

Battler makes his appearance and chats with Beato one last time. Beato tells him that it’s embarrassing having Battler see her like this after she’s been acting so tough all this time. Eva B. is transported to a different yet familiar place to us—Meta World. One of the time  that I truly enjoyed Battler’s Dame da. Sensen dame da!


This episode trolled me in more than one way

Battler claims that his opponent isn’t Beato but Eva Beatrice. Eva B orders siesta sisters to kill Battler but Battlers’ Endless 9 (was there something higher than E8?) anti resistance repels whatever they throw at him. About time  DEEN animated his magical power I’d say. They showed it in episode two of the game but I never got to see it in the anime. The rabbits run away in fear after their scouter explodes.


Objection: only possible if you own a Death Note

Battler tells Beato that he’ll teach Eva B. to not take Golden witches lightly. Battler goes Phoenix Wright again and rightfully so and attacks Eva with a several questions. Ronove updates Eva on how the game is played and serves her some delicious tea. Eva summons Hideyoshi’s spirit to testify that he was with Eva the whole time. Battler counters her by saying that he couldn’t have been with her the whole time after all and there was a moment where Eva was alone.


Lies. I claim that I’m color blind therefore I don’t accept your red. Your move?

We go to the scene of the crime to find some clues. Beato kneels down and personally inspects the bodies on the mansion. She doesn’t find much but Battler tells her that she’s done enough. Battler  finds a cigarette butt inside of Kyrie’s pocket and asks Beato to inspect Rudolf’s pocket for the cigarette package. They don’t match so they search Hideyoshi and they find that it’s the same brand that the one Kyrie has inside her pocket. Battler concludes that this is a message from Kyrie. He says that the reason why Kyrie made Hideyoshi go with them was to interrogate him. I knew that there was something extremely fishy about Kyrie wanting to go get food right after Rosa was murdered. Kyrie of all people wouldn’t want to go. If he knew that they were onto them then why was he so eager to go..  unless…

Battler is able to strike back but he is quickly overwhelmed by huge list of consecutive and deadly red truths.

Therefore, Eva has a perfect Alibi for murdering Nanjo.  (Eva)
At the time of the murder, Battler, Evan and Jessica were alive.

At the time of the crime, only Nanjo and Jessica were in the servant room.
Jessica Ushiromiya did not commit murder!
Eva and Battler weren’t involved in Nanjo’s murder either!!
No more than 18 people exist on this island!
Nanjo’s death was a homicide, and the culprit killed him from point-blank range!

Red only tells the truth.”

My eyes! He’s about to give up again once he realizes that it is impossible to counter Eva Beatrice  Beato stands up and takes Battler’s place. She says that there’s one move that only a witch can do.


Beato apologizes to Virgilia for dragging her into this too. Virgilia says that at least she  got a good apprentice in the end. She begs Battler that cover his ears because she wants him to remember her as a witch. Ok, I’m sure she did not say that witches don’t exist. She might’ve said something that had a similar effect but not exactly. What exactly did she say? I guess we’ll never know.


Hello Mr. Obvious

The nightmare ends and Battler goes back to the real world. Sadly for him the first thing he sees is his aunt Eva pointing at him at point blank. Surprise! He dies and as a result he’s sent to the Golden Land where everyone is already waiting for him there.. the good guys, the bad guys.. the goats. They present Battler a legal paper that he and Beato have been selected to go to the golden Land and that they only only Battler’s signature to confirm Beato’s entry to the Golden Land.


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaait no! This isn’t right! Why is Virgilia in it too?!!!

Battler notices that there’s something weird written in huge letters (use Fine Print next time! You shouldn’t have translated it to him, guys

Beato and Virgilia showed their true faces to Battler after they realize that he is feeling hesitant about signing that paper after all. I’m not gonna lie, seeing Virgilia’s evil face traumatized me a bit. I wasn’t expecting her to be in it too! FFFFFFFFFF


If you only would’ve added  -yan then I’d have totally fell for it

A mysterious girl (OP girl) appears out of nowhere and kicks ass like there’s no tomorrow. She Haruhi kicks both Virgilia and the goats thus saving Battler out of accepting his own defeat So close Beato. So close! Battler begs Beato to tell him that this isn’t true. That she couldn’t have been faking it. Huh? Beato goes crazy mode again like the old days.  Battler cannot believe what he’s seeing. I have this evil smile that I cannot wipe off my face. Welcome back Beatrice.

Beato is convinced that this must be the piece that Bernaskel threw in to make that .000000001% miracle work and she’s in the right. Benraskel has gone 12 years into the future and she has recruited Battlers’ little sister to join her family in Rokkenjima and solve the mystery/rescue her family.


We see is Beato having a conversation with Lamby and it’s heavily implied that Beato might be under her control for some  reason. When did this happen? Lamby goes rabu rabu for Bernaskel after Beato leaves.


Who died and make you witch? Ok, never mind..

Ange, who has had a terrible life all alone, is sitting by Eva’s deathbed who looks as old as Onibaba! Ange wants to know what happened in Rokkenjima 12 years ago. Eva trolls Ange one last time. Screw you, Eva! Ange enters Beato’s game.

– End of The Third Arc –



That’s 1000 years trolling experience for us. Overall, an epic episode. I was 50% trolled when Beato was sacrifing herself to protect Jessica and Kanon I was 70% trolled by the time Beato was helping solving the crime. Then it came the part where she began crying..  then it hit me. I went,  wait, it can’t be. This isn’t right. Beato, you wouldn’t.. would you?

I had a grin that I couldn’t wipe when Beato told Battler to cover his ears. Ok, it isn’t just me I thought.  Something is up.  Then when I saw them in the Golden Land I was convinced that this was all according to Beato’s plan. Beautiful. Still I was trolled nonetheless.

What I didn’t expect was to see was that Virgilia was going to be in it. I repeatably kept mentioning how odd I found Beato’s behavior in the last episodes.  You can say whatever you want but it didn’t make enough sense to me. That’s why I wasn’t that shocked when they revealed. I  figure that if there was something up Beato might be in it but I did not expect everyone to be in it. That’s how they got me.

– Ronove and the furniture got me completely fooled too. With their ‘loyalty’ to their former
master. The part where Ronove was pushing down Eva Beatrice and serving her a cup of delicious tea was awesome. Ronove’s acting is first class. Demons are the best actors after all.

* I’d like to say that it would’ve been easier to detect that this was a trap if there was less acting behind the scenes. Who were they trying to fool? Battler wasn’t watching :p Still, I completely missed that ‘North Wind and Sun’ analogy could have another meaning– one with trolling purposes. Lesson learned.

Theories (?) ??? – Expeculations – Questions – ???

So many ??? that’s because there aren’t that many speculations in this episode. Everything is ‘solved’ for us. Ok, thats a lie. That’s what  Beato wants us to think. Because they were explained doesn’t mean we should stop thinking, right? Think! What did we miss?

So is it safe to rule out that Eva had a double personality? Eva seemed seemed her usual crazy self when she killed Battler. She was also an evil b!tch when even in her deathbed so I guess that it was really her the whole time. Um, didn’t the police get her?

– Something very interesting I noticed :  We don’t know exactly what Beato said to Eva Beatrice but the nightmare was over and Battler was able to escape Meta-world for a moment. At that moment he  got wtfpwned by Eva. So is this the ‘real’ Battler or Gameboard Battler just got killed and sent to the Golden Land? I think that it makes a difference to know what would happen if Battler/Ange defeat Beato. Do they have to deal with the real criminal after that? If so, then they must stop him/her/them before they get killed again. That’s the impression I got.

What did Bernaskel say that Ange was the last Beatrice? What makes her a witch? She sure hasn’t undergone any training and she hasn’t solved a epitaph yet. Is it because Eva gave passed on the inheritance to her or because of the Ushiromiya blood?

– It’s beyond obvious that we got trolled by the Golden Witches but I won’t stop there and stop thinking. I don’t think that this was just mere trolling. Personally, I’d like to know much of it was actually true. I don’t like to think that everything was a lie  or maybe it’s because I’d like to think that there is a greater reason behind everything.

– I’m a bit torned about Virgilia being evil too. I liked her because she was a good character. I love evil characters but Virgilia was one that I didn’t want to be evil since I enjoyed her role as a good witch. I demand to know her real reason for betraying Battler. Plain evilness? Just for laughs? Or is there something more to it?

– If I assume that Virgilia is evil then does it mean that those memories that Beato had of her were all fake?  Was Virgilia never a good witch? Did she change? Is she even Beato’s teacher? The only information we got about her is what Beato told us. That’s why it was so difficult for me to expect Virgilia to betray Battler. More than Beato, Virgilia was the one that trolled me the hardest. Damm you DEEN for selecting Inoue Kikuko to play her role. They knew that I was going to take the bait.

– Was even Eva in it too? I know she was the criminal but was she also working under Beato? Personally, I don’t think she was in it. Beato and Virgilia always knew that her moves were going to be and that she was never going to complete her ceremony because they already planned for that. If that’s not the case, then her acting is so first class.  Is this the end for Eva Beatrice? We’ll know so if when we see her around in the next arcs.

* In my opinion, this wasn’t all a total loss. Sure successful troll was extremely successful. I don’t know how many viewers think  this (sure don’t know what Battler thinks after this) but this wasn’t a total loss for him.  First of all, he wouldn’t have been able to get this far without Virgilia’s help and some of Ronove’s too so he should be a bit grateful. You could say that Virgilia sort of trained him in this arc and also thanks to Beato (more or less) he unlocks his Endless 9 powers. That have to count for something. Sure you could say that he ‘lost’ this round but it isn’t over until it’s over. So I agree with Lambdadelta’s statement that Beato could have done a better job. I’m definitely sure that she could have. In my opinion, she and Virgilia rushed Battler too much to sign that paper. Her actions until that point were so meticulous that I doubt that they would ruin it by being that obvious and show they were ‘evil.’ He was just about sign it too. They only had to keep acting like it was nothing.  Again just something to consider. Again amazing episode. One of the best episodes to date if not the best. Next week, we’ll enter the last arc of this season.

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13 thoughts on “Umineko no Naku Koro Ni – 18 – SUCCESSFUL TROLL IS SUCCESSFUL

  1. Yeah, besides being shocked by Moetrice’s death and Beatrice’s revival, Virgilia’s “evilness” was the 2nd most shocking thing. I wonder if that first flashback was shown only to throw us off, because it didn’t seem like a scene meant for Battler to see.

    Agreed about Battler getting some good training. With Virgilia’s and Moetrice’s training, as well as Ange’s help, hopefully he can start putting things together in the future.

    I really need to play this VN when the show ends.

    • The scene with Virgilia and little Beato at the start of the arc was a dream Beatrice was having. So it did happen.

    • @ RP
      Inoue Kikuko and her eternal 17 strikes again. Oi oi oi. Virgilia sure got me good in this arc. I already doubted Beato but to me Virgilia never seemed to have a motive to betray Battler as long as she was able to get Beato in the first place. So it was nearly impossible to see through the deceiving thanks to said things.

      The game is amazing. I only played it after I watch an anime episode though because I wouldn’t enjoy the anime much as I am right now. I’m sure you’ll love the game. You might see some characters in a different light after you played it. I sure did. Watch out for those ~Uu’s though.

  2. What Virgilia’s real motivations might be is mysterious …. it’s possible that she is telling the truth when she says witches should serve the greater good and that she opposes Beato’s cruel behavior, but perhaps her overall allegiance is with witches and with her former student. That kind of makes sense.

    And … I think you will find out why it is Ange can be a witch very soon. :)

    • A person may do evil acts doesn’t mean that he is evil. A person that does good deeds isn’t necessarily a good person. Sometimes people have to act according to what is necessary. I think that’s a good concept. Witches are complicated so they might have a different concept of what is ‘good’ or ‘evil’ and their actions may vary. Personally, I’d like to think that there might be greater reason why Virgilia and the witches do what they do. There probably is, but we won’t know what it is that drives them to all of this until later. That’s fine but I hope they drop in some hints along the way like they did with Beato :D

      I don’t know, I like the idea of a good witch for some reason maybe it’s because that there are so many evil forces controlling everything in Umineko that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give Battler more allies like Ange. At least, I’d like that to be the case for Virgilia.

  3. I’m pretty sure that in the VN, Bernkastel actually said before the black suits showed up that she can acknowledge Ange as a witch (like Lambda acknowledged Eva-B) since Ange is Eva’s heir so you were right on this one. After being acknowledged by Bernkastel, Ange got a weird feeling for a moment, and then the suits showed up and they jumped.

  4. Actually, most VN readers consider Meta-World and Real World (Game Board) to be separate worlds. Entity in Meta-World can affect the real world to some extent, but could not cross from Meta-World to Real World. They can, however, throw a piece that resemble to themselves into the game board, eg. Beatrice on the game board.

    So when the Meta-World room disintegrate, Battler and Beatrice “of the Meta-World” were transported to the Golden Land, which is prepared beforehand by Beatrice. The game-board (real world) Battler is shot and kill by Eva, which is totally separate from Meta-Battler.

    • Gameboard Battler sounds like a discardable piece to me since he can’t do much by himself. In fact, game board Battler hasn’t changed much since the show started. So where would game board Battler’s soul/essence go when he dies? Just outside the game board? They haven’t killed off gameboard Battler in the first twilights so far so I have no idea what the results would be.

      Still, what would happen if Meta Battler defeats the Witch but only after the human culprit already killed several family members? He would know who the ‘real culprit’ is but he couldn’t do much about the people that already died. Plus, the human culprit should still be running amok, right? That would still be a bad end even if he wins. Are we right to assume that the moment that Meta Battler wins everything is completely solved? It was mentioned that the witch would return everything she took once somebody would solved the epitaph but we aren’t sure what’s the story for Meta Battler’s case. I guess we won’t know for sure until Battler wins.

      • It depends on what really is Meta-World. If we have the answer for this question, I think many things will be solved. But most of us are sure that Gameboard and Meta-world Battlers are different entity. One theory is that Meta-Battler is actually a collection of Battler’s mind at the moment of 24AM (00AM) of the second day (5th October), but it’s just another unconfirmed theory.

        • “One theory is that Meta-Battler is actually a collection of Battler’s mind at the moment of 24AM (00AM) of the second day (5th October), but it’s just another unconfirmed theory.”

          Hmmm, that theory makes sense to me. Since Battler’s actions are pretty much the same they are in the first arc when he didn’t know about the witches and his actions don’t affect Beato’s game much, the theory that game board Battler could only be a representation of his actions on that day or that he could be consider a mere bystander sounds promising.

  5. Maybe the VN watchers know…

    But as for Virgilia, her motive for helping Beatrice might be her affection for Beatrice as a former pupil. After all, being trapped by Kinzo couldn’t have been a lot of fun for Beatrice, and maybe Virgilia wants to help Beatrice escape the rest of the way. Even if her pupil is a bit funny in the head.

    • That could be the case. It was strange that Virgilia chose Kumazawa of all people in the first place(they never explained by she did it) Also she said that she was ‘awaken’ or something similar in that arc which sounds suspicious enough.This might’ve been Virgilia’s plan and/or Beato’s to infiltrate the game without raising much suspicion from Lambdadelta in order to save her pupil.

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