KOBATO – 03 – Trying her best, even in the rain

Kobato 03

I don’t know, man. I think we’re gonna need Devil’s Proof

Kobato : “Sharing an umbrella?” I loved Kobato’s face. That expression of both surprise and amusement when someone states the obvious. Eyes rolling to the right then slowly turning her face.  Can you run that by me again?

– Turning the moe over –


Wouldn’t people find it strange that Kobato doesn’t have a place to stay? I’m surprised at the lack of questions that are asked in this show. You got no place to live? No problem. You can leave at my dorm. No mattress either? Poof. Here’s one. It’s like magic. It’ll be nice if things worked out so easily IRL though.

Kiyo-zaku is still as nasty as ever. “I don’t want to share one with you anyway” he says.  Surely, there’s a way that he could’ve worded that sentence better. Kobato just wants to be friends, man. I doubt she wants to sexually assault you or anything. Chill out.


Moeato is still working her magic in this episode again healing hooking up a girl with the boy she liked. Is she cupid now? How’s that healing a scarred heart? I don’t know exactly. I’m glad that things worked out in the end of course. The scene could have easily turned into a total disaster in a matter of seconds if this wasn’t an anime though. One of the possible scenarios would end with the girl slapping Kobato for interfering in her life and the other guy straight turning her down thus ruining her short life thanks to Dobato. So this healing deal can be a double edge sword. No one has told Kobato that. It’s all moe and games till someone gets hurt.

Luckily for Kobato she has been successful in her ceremony so far. Only x more candy and that bottle will be all filled up. I wonder how she will react when she fails one mission seeing that Kobato doesn’t seem to take upsetting situations well.

Isn’t it just me or her high pitches are becoming unbearable? Her normal voice is fine but she makes these shriek sounds every now and then. She’s going to break the all glasses at the nursery where she works at or my eardrums whatever comes first.  Oh yeah, Lambdadelta called and she said that


She wants her dress back