What the Spring 2012 Anime Season is based on the titles

Suppose there were no summaries. Suppose there were no info databases. Suppose there are only titles and titles alone. This is it.

There are reviews for ongoing Anime Season shows, but there aren’t many reviews who only write about them based on the titles. Fans usually read titles before the plot descriptions, before the characters in it, before the incoming spoilers. If an Anime Season had to based on titles alone the first impressions will be completely different from what they would normally be. It’s time for claim vs. reality, X vs. actuality, and a whole lot of out of context material.

Tasogare Otome × Amnesia : The story is about a maiden who appears only at night. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia is about a lady who most definitely is not a morning person and not a fan of strong sunlight. Because of this, otome prefers the night and consequently she also has a popular condition among anime main characters – memory loss. That’s the main edge of the show based on the title. Because lady doesn’t remember who she is she’s in a journey of finding herself. She looks for clues every episode and in every episode the audience learns something new. Also (critical information here) because of her situation as a Dusk Maiden she can only look for clues at dusk. This is very important to the story in case one wasn’t paying attention. This regrettably means one cannot find her in the mornings or even in the early evenings. Do not do it. You won’t find her everywhere. It’ll be like watching recap episodes, you will be wasting your time.

It goes without saying that all episodes are shot at dusk and we can only follow the main character when the sun is down. It also goes without saying you can tell right away she’s a classy lady because the story calls her otome. We cannot call someone who isn’t classy an otome for that would be in the violation of the rules of otome and classy. And since we’re talking real classy here maiden by association has a hime-cut. Of this there can be no doubt.

Zetman : It is presumed the main character is not child, not a woman, not a trap, but likely a man around his 19-25 yrs.  What is Zet? No, What is Zet? Answering that question will solve this puzzle. Answering that question will tells us what Zet is. Therein lies to key to the mystery behind the name. A man who is a Zet.

Polar Bear Cafe : There is disturbing imagery immediately popping up that I will my try my hardest to disregard after reading the title. Polar Bear Cafe as the title indicates is about a cafe run by no other than bears. These are not costumes or whatnot. They are 100% real bears.  I’m imagining an Eve no Jikan café style show where other characters meet and chat about their personal lives. Polar Bear Café is a super secret place which not many can speak of this place or know of the place. It is a very special and hidden place in the city where bears (and occasionally people) go. Common problems and topic of conversations are as followed. A character: I’m a human with insomnia. B character: I’m a bear who can’t hibernate properly.  Polar Bear Cafe is a safe place where there are no difference between men and bears and everybody speaks the same language. Or whatever the subtitles tells us.

AKB0048 : Some jerks thought that AKB0048 was a good title (how practical in reality is it?) AKB0048 is a serial number or almost a bar code for something they’re selling us so it probably is an anime sponsored by Hasbro. Notice the first three letters in the title then followed by some numbers? What is AKB? What is 0048? Is that like 007? Like a date? 00-48? It can’t be a date because there aren’t more than 31 in any given month. There are 30 days if you’re September, April, June, and November.  28-29 days if you aren’t a team player like Mr. February. Of this there can be no doubt: AKB0048 is a puzzling name. But questions arise from this as well. How does one refer to this title? It cannot be simply shorten like all-the-too-long-to-remember-anime-titles in the past years so you have to call it by its full name. AKB0048 is a puzzling title as mentioned three sentences above. How do you discuss this show with your fellow AKB0048 viewers? Oh yeah, letter, letter, letter, number-number-number show was pretty cool, huh? That is rough. Fans will probably have a difficult time recalling the name of AKB0048 after a while.

I know this. Titles aren’t meant to stand for secret passwords.

Nazo no Kanojo X : A mysterious girlfriend. She’s called X because they never tells us her real name. The title says nothing about drool either (but we’re not supposed to know that) and I’m perfectly fine with that.

Hiiro no Kakera

Tricky name. Tricky name lending itself to puns. Hiiro can either be a play on a word on the name Hiiro or the equivalent word for Hero. I may never know. The ‘no Kakera’ part is easy. Kakera means fragment and ‘no’ equals pertaining to someone or something or ownership. Hiiro no Kakerais about fragments (likely memories) of this person named Hiiro. Who is this person? That escapes me for sure, but it is probable he is a guy. Hiiro no Kakera’s plot is about the misadventures of guy named Hiiro, directed and shot from Hiiro’s perspective back in his school days. Expect clubs, beach episodes, and school festivals to be recurring themes. Let’s not forget that not including them would be terribly disrespectful the medium.

Kuroko no Basket

There has got to be a guy named Kuroko because it’s super cool to have the ‘Kuro’ part in any name. I can presume the MC carries a basket or makes baskets as a hobby or is part of a business planning to take over the basket market. But I doubt such plot is possible. After all most stories are either action, dramas or slice of life comedies. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but a show revolving about a basket doesn’t sound terribly entertaining. Kuroko no Basket is most likely about the sport Basketball. It’d be about a group of not-so-great basketball players with one or two stars who in last seconds before the most important games are over, managing to save the team from certain defeat. This is all guessing. This is all speculation. No, I do not know Kuroko. I have not read the plot description. I cannot confirm if Koko is actually loco.


Because that’s all I know about Jormungand, that there’s someone named Koko and she’s likely loco. It really might not be as debatable as it sounds.


A double exclamation point? The title of the show is like five minutes into a badly dubbed anime, already scaring me off. Let’s see, it can be U-po-TTE! or U-PO-tte! The emphasis on what  word is right not unimportant because I don’t know (like in many of these shows) what Upotte means or even if it is supposed to be mean something at all. I’m going to go ahead and guess Upotte is the sound of a gun when it fires. Other than that it can be anything.

Accel World

Plain and simple. Kids who are high on ecstasy. When they say they don’t slow down for anybody they mean it. They don’t slow down for me, you, of themselves. Accel World is all about getting speedy in their world or any world they are in. But maybe they are not maybe it’s their minds that are going too fast. One thing for sure is that Accel World does not take place on Earth. Why? That’s where the Accel part comes in. It’s a world where they all accelerate.  It’s also doable Accel World is about an alternative world named ‘Accel’ where people are always in a hurry because they’re always late for something. In other words, characters in Accel World are like MCs on their first day of school – always late and never with alarms clock set up properly.

 Acchi Kocchi (Place to Place)

They either keep rearranging things or they are not decent sedentary people. I believe they are not sedentary people. The Acchi Kocchi jerks think that they are the next Kino no Tabi. That’s how adventurous they think they are. Since we’ve already determined they cannot stay at one place more than a few days it should be clear that Acchi Kochi’s story takes in a different town every episode. This is no “Yet the Town Keeps Moving” where the characters never leave it, no. Make no mistake anime fans, Acchi Kocchi is an adventure even when it doesn’t even try to be one. The characters in Acchi Kocchi cannot help it. In the daylight they travel. At night they also involuntarily travel. When they aren’t traveling they are thinking about traveling. Acchi Kocchi are a group of helpless somnambulists. That’s how they get to each town before they even realize it. Acchi Kochi combines slice of life and psychological elements integrating it in its story and characters wishing for a place they belong.

Natsuiro Kiseki

It is translated to “A Summer-Colored Miracle.” What is it? A miracle that happens in the summer. I get the feeling that’s very accurate.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

I know, only a word and name to work with. Don’t act surprised. The show is about a well respected, proper girl named Nyaruko. Now act surprised. We call her -san because she’s older as well as wise and because we’re polite like that. We say Haiyore! because we don’t always translate words that sound good and similarly add exclamation marks whenever a word is emphasized. Let’s not be surprised about the last part. It is mandatory to have a title with exclamation point each season otherwise the entire medium will explode. Of that we can not be sure.

Of what we can be sure is that Haiyore! Nyaruko-san is called “Nyaruko-san : Another Crawling Chaos” (Now it’s time for me to act surprised) I don’t know how that even works but I can’t picture chaos itself jogging, let alone running, sprinting, or many actions ending in -ing. I can, however, picture it expanding endlessly for sure. I can see it creeping so probably crawling is the almost certainly the right word for it. Suffice to say, the show is called “another” because there is more than one adaptation of Nyaruko-san, otherwise why would you call something another in the first place? It’s like saying Part II of something while there is no Part I. Fate Zero could not be Zero if there wasn’t one before it, it’ll be just plain Fate. Nobody wants that. From that we can only guess that Haiyore! Nyaruko-san is the second, third, or fourth adaptation of story about a girl named Nyaruko-san who is the crawling chaos.  The title simply refuses to not make sense.


つり球 (Japanese) It is vague enough that cannot be translated.  Tsuri is a word that escapes me. Tama is a ball. It is a ball of tsuri unless explained otherwise.

Medaka Box

Based on the pic above I’d gather that Medaka Box could likely be about an author who took tits of gtfo too seriously. Based on the title I gather I would easily mistake the title for Madoka Box because it rhymes that well.  Medaka Box is about a character who owns a Box called Medaka. Or a box whose owner is Medaka. It can go either way. What do you do with boxes? You put things in them. You store things in them. You also send things in boxes. Medaka Box is about a show revolving around a box. While I am not entirely sure about the idea of basing a story on a box unless it is a hypothetical box for something else, Medaka Box could be about anything. About anything relating to a box.

Aquarion EVOL

Aquarion is about a group of guys (read. teenagers) and maybe an old man (and maybe a sloth too). As with most shows, the characters are part-timers, the twist is that they work at a local Pet store instead of restaurants or convenience stores. What do they do? Well, they sell mostly aquariums. Each episode we explore and learn something new about aquariums. How much they cost, how much we have to take care of them, and why do they go so well in dentists’ offices.

At some point the show decided that aquariums were no longer as cool as before and needed upgrades badly, therefore they evolved. Aquarion EVOL is all about these aquariums evolving from their previous old and tired standard forms. Why? Because no one wanted the old aquariums anymore. They were too old school and everyone wanted the new Aquariums. And that’s how we got EVOL. Learning about aquariums makes the show more of a documentary than a story so expect to be surprised by monologues by a guy speaking in monotonous voices and plenty of fish tanks. This show is niche as it can get this season. That’s why if you like the DIY channel, tanks, aquatic creatures or a combination of those then Aquarion EVOL is probably your thing.

Eureka Seven AO

And Keikakudoori’s dirty little anime secret is not having watched the 50 episodes of the original Eureka Seven along with not having watched LoGH, and having watched Vampire Knight. Eureka Seven AO is about seven characters in a school, place, ship, or lead by their leader named Eureka.  We get the AO part from words such ass ancient, accidental, or anonymous, again, or after. O can stand for Original or like most manga status – ongoing. We cannot be sure of any of this. Are you anime titles bad enough to not have exclamation marks? Eureka Seven is bad enough to not have exclamations, question marks or whatever is on the right side of a keyboard.

 Kids on a Slope

We already knew the earth was not flat. What we did not always know was that there is always a steep hill on the way to school.


It must be pointed out that for anyone with a limited knowledge of the Japanese language such as myself, these untranslated names don’t make much sense until googled.

What is Hyoka about? No, a better question is who is Hyuoka? It’s like watching anime without audio, I have no idea whatsoever. If broken down it is Hyuo-ka or is it Hyu- oka? The name tells nothing to someone who doesn’t know what these words stand for, therefore one is forced to search how else they also call it,  synonyms for the series and the like as it has been done up to this point. The result is “Hyouka: You can’t escape” That is one of the most negative names in anime history I’ve seen to date. See, some titles don’t always tell you what they are about. They keep it under wraps until is time to reveal what the big secret is. That is not Hyouka. Hyouka is different. It tells you straight to your face (in actuality Hyouka’s face) that this title does not like this Hyouka person. Everyone else can escape. You, Hyouka, alone cannot. Screw Hyouka no one knows why. Hyouka must be placed in a remote backwards village where villagers don’t take too well to city boys. Hyouka must be placed in a prison where the Hyouka cannot escape from it. Hyouka is Prison Break. Hyouka is Rainbow. Hyouka is a labyrinth for a story with girls who gasp very frequently and guys who talk to themselves plenty. Hyouka show ends when Hyouka manages to escapes. How cool is that?

Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan

This is almost over but let it be known that I cannot dislike a title such as Shinning Hearts: Shiawase no Pan, especially when it is so merry and all the words in context can be understood. What can I not say about Shinning Hearts? Their mission is to make everyone’s hearts shine no matter how much it takes via the power of bread. Been laid off? Have some bread. Flunked a class? Have some bread. Your show just got cancelled? Have some fresh bread. The world would be a lot better with bread as a solution for most problems. It’s cheap, fresh and apparently is served by pretty girls in tight outfits because we all know one cannot make bread without tight outfits. Shiawase no Pan happens to be living proof of this. It has probably been noted already but at the risk of being redundant, Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan’s logic is strong as it gets. If you don’t believe it you should watch the show to find out because and I don’t really know what it is about. And those are the things we’re dealing here.

Space Brothers

Things that a title like Space Brother does right is explaining everything with the title alone. What is Space Brothers? That’s the wrong question. What Space Brothers isn’t? They are not going on safari, they are not exploring the ocean, and they are solving mysteries.  What else isn’t Space Brothers? They are not nephews, they are not sisters, they are not in-laws, and thank you they are not cousins. Let it be bros in nature or actual brothers. Space Brothers are a group of brothers.  Here we have a perfect example of a title where we cannot get the wrong idea of the show, no matter what. Space brothers are siblings in space or siblings in the process of going to space. That does sound about right.

Damn you, Space Brothers and your flawless accurate title.

In reality –>

Dusk Maiden of Amnesia Zetman Polar Bear’s Café AKB0048 Nazo no Kanojo X Hiiro no Kakera Kuro no Basuke Jormungand  Upotte!! Accel World Acchi Kocchi Natsuiro Kiseki Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Tsuritama Medaka Box Aquarion Evol Eureka 7 AO Kids on the Slope Hyouka  Shining Hearts -Shiawase no Pan Space Brothers

What was this about?

It is a new project here in Just as Planned with a name subject to change. I’ve been thinking of starting a new project that would feature the upcoming seasons (and maybe past seasons) where the idea is writing impressions or plots for shows based on the titles alone. A New Project which may likely with time may become a regular thing that would be featured a few times through the year or very consistently. Much like light novels adaptations, we don’t ask for them but we still get them each season.

What do I wish to accomplish with this project? It’s rather straightforward. To write about the Anime Seasons without talking about them. To write about the Anime Season based on the name of the shows, see how accurate the titles are and see the results. Not the correct interpretations? That is not what these titles say.


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      Oh yeah, random batches of Manga titles may eventually work its way into the project as well.

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