I watched Jintai’s OP while Playing Un/Fitting Music (Experiment Series)

In The Experiment Series we’ve watched backwards, without sound, without subtitles, and so many others. A fundamental aspect in the art of experimenting that hasn’t been addressed, that is, one of the barriers that hasn’t been broken until now is to fully portray we mean and actually do here.

There is only so much that can be explained with words and clever pictures about how the experiments are carried out. The opportunity has presented to take it to the next level Continue reading

What the Summer 2012 is Based on Titles (The 2nd Pilot)

Love songs about fish • A god who was poor • A person who was Not-Nobunaga • Fortune tellers,  onomatopoeia, and artworks. All the possibilities.

I’d ask myself how long has it been since the last entry and since I had stopped counting but I was not in the first place.

What the Season is Based on Titles, the <Insert Title Here>, most ironically – still a working title but I was pretty much sure it does hit the nail on the head sure enough so it won’t be changed until I come up with something better. What is What the Season is based on Titles? A project very much alive and kicking which has not been dropped, neither has it been put on hold. Oh good heaves, no. Nooo. Continue reading