Kyubey Gives me the Creeps

Now I know why

Someone photoshop this cat(?)’s face with a troll one to make it more accurate. Kyubey is so creepy. Its face is creepy. Its eyes are creepy. Its expression is creepy. Kyubey makes the color white seem creepy. Kyubey makes mahou shoujo’s pets seem creepy. Isn’t Kyubey just plain creepy?

Madoka: “Kyubey.  Mami died!!”

Kyubey: “It’s cool, bro. It happens all the time.”

Madoka: “Kyubey!”

Kyubey: “Yeaaaaaah… That’s kinda not my problem.”

Kyubey: “In other news. I gotta find me some other sucker.”

Madoka & Sayaka: “You …”

Sayaka: “You’ll pay. You creepy cat.. raccoon.. rabbit.. ferret. Seriously wtf are you?”

Kyubey: “You don’t call me YUNNO. Now be a Mahou Shoujo or PAY the consequences.”

Madoka & Sayaka: “What consequences!?”

Kyubey: “I’ll do this.”

Kyubey: “….”

Kyubey: “h###h#. k$EGve52fdf% #N#$w. Bsk@#45MaH.O.”


Those faces. Those faces of disbelief of what is happening. Madoka is just traumatized after being constantly attacked by Shinbo’s imagination (then again who wouldn’t. ) Sayaka does have someone to fight for. Madoka? Madoka just wants do to good but has nothing planned out.  Kyubey, what is it going to do? What is? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It’s just going to walk out on them and find some other sucker. Homura warned them to keep away but they decided to listen to creepy Kyubey and its creepy face instead of her.

Sayaka had a reason. Madoka listened to Kyubey. In the end everyone listened to Kyubey. Where did that leave them? With creepy Kyubey. Moral of the story? Don’t listen to talking magical animals. Especially by the name of creepy Kyubey.


15 thoughts on “Kyubey Gives me the Creeps

  1. This was a series I was going to give a try because of Yuki Kajiura music but now, I just hope that typical magical shoujo fans who watched it didn’t ended too traumatized.

    For me I can’t wait to get next episode even if the 4 just were released a few days ago.

  2. Kyube has one heck of a poker face. That said, there’s a couple of things in this episode that pointed out to me that Kyube either has ulterior motives or that’s he’s just a frickin’ troll.

  3. Bern wasn’t happy enough being a witch.

    She wanted to be in a magical animal mascot as well.


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  5. Ahahaha…I love the Saya no Uta reference, and it was already funny with QB staring at you in the next image with “…” because that’s really all he does.

  6. Aside from the whole make a contract and fight witches for your entire life thing, Kyubey is pretty kawaii. :3

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