In not so many words what I actually thought of Gantz’ Ending

Gantz manga the end

I recall a summer back in 2005-2006 when I picked up Gantz the first time. Little did I know that late evening and my sleep would be gone instead dedicated to Gantz the moment I read the first chapter. Before I knew it I was over the first 100 chapters into a story of personal survival, to save the earth, unspeakable monsters, and ultra tight black suits. My mind filled with contents I wouldn’t wish to others unless they’d agree to it. I confess that this is not a rare experience as many who have picked up Gantz reacted in a similar way – they can’t put it down. Much like those freakishly bizarre aliens. That’s because Gantz is an experience on its own. Everything has to end at some point. If there is any team of people who has earned their rest in the manga story, I’m sure Gantz would be up there. Continue reading

The Personal List of Titles You Would Like to Change

Sensationalism, misleading, and absurdity have a name

Everyone has a list of titles that don’t click right with them. That’s ok. That’s fine because titles have gotten crazy over the years and I wouldn’t be the first to think that. There’s certainly a sensationalism angle to the ritual to giving titles a name to get the attention from the audience. I’ll skip the popular what’s in a name question and tackle the reason behind it. Some titles are funny, cool, and others downright absurd. I often wonder what led the creators to name their stories by the names they are known today. At some point they must’ve had some temporary names for them then ultimately they picked one they liked the best. Most names fit perfectly with the story because they relate to the plot or the characters enough for anyone to grasp where the creators were going with this. On the other hand, we have these names, these odd names, peculiar enough to make a person wonder what went there when nobody was looking.  These are the ones this list refers to. Continue reading

Manga and Exposure to the Medium

One less place to buy books and legally purchase manga.

For someone who has spent a fair share of money in Borders the news that Borders is going down hit me, but not only because a major book store chain was in serious trouble but also because the way I see it it is also a setback for the medium in general. Compared to anime, manga isn’t the most prominent or popular among fans and moreso less popular among the public.  Continue reading

Are you anime only? Fans not reading originals as much

of manga and light novels

With the coming of the Fall 10 season and the large amount of titles being animated  I was reminded once again of the abysmal percentage of non-manga and light novel readers out there. You can ask a couple of fans you know whether they read manga or not and they’ll likely say they don’t and say or they “only watch anime”.  Actually, there really isn’t much talk about manga from bloggers or fans either which I found relatively understandable, albeit it didn’t click that right why of the “manga disinterest” is THAT great and why the medium doesn’t attract a bigger audience.

With an overall of 19.5 days,  currently reading status of 24 series, 60 plan to read and overall 142 entries I’m not about to completely removed myself from those groups. I should really read more manga is what i think. The thing is that reading AND following manga or light novels (if you have the chance) isn’t as easy as watching anime for several reasons. Continue reading