AniBlog Tourney: Just as Planned is a lot like Britannia’s Theme (Read this)

Not even nearly as awesome, but it makes sense once you read the lyrics

That concludes one of the many times in which I compare Just as planned (JAP?) to something I didn’t think of before, not the actual lyrics of course. This is a place when things go according as they should even though I don’t spam memes.  I am already in the  AniBlog Tourney even though I’m fairly new (you can vote now). The pressure! Nah, I just don’t feel like backing down. I wasn’t originally planning on making an anime tourney post then I figured it was necessary to do so the other day. Not exactly for tourney, but it may be a quick way of saying what this place is about and what to expect from it. If you’re to briefly spend time here then I’ll kindly ask you to click to links below and quickly skimp through it. This is not a drill.

This place is both a formal and informal place. I don’t think everyone gets that. I like to think readers can distinguish when one is serious and one is not. That being said, I believe vanilla flavor is not for me and I still wonder if Lelouch would one day get the wtf  curls. If what I just said completely threw you off to the other side of the room then this might not be what the doctor prescribed. I like to  think that the readers have sense of humor and that it is somewhat reflected on this blog. I write for general entertainment,  to have fun, and express them in an amusing manner. I don’t feel like I have to write great essays to express my pleasure of displeasure of a show. I like to praise good shows, I like to criticize bad ones, and I like to criticize good shows that turn bad. I like to demonstrate to the readers in my own way why I find them that way. If I could put it in a few words then writing around here can be described as snappy or witty often deviating from the point unless the show or the topic require a great degree of formality (example).

This is not an episodic, however, I do see the point in episodics blogs. I, myself, don’t generally handle episodics. The ones I made were actually related to 07th Expansion ones, an example of them can be found here, which I’d like to think I made a great job on it. I think a great episodic blog  that is right down to the point and witty is Tenka Seiha. I think a fun blog is Blogsuki. Their contents are both informative and amusing regardless of their opinions. I like that in a blog. TL:DR aren’t really for me. V8 aren’t either. I can’t take straight black coffee either. If you’re still amused then I think you’re starting to get the point by now. I respond to serious questions with serious answers. I respond to informal questions in an equally informal manner. Anime and blogging aren’t always serious business. The important thing should be to have fun.

Blog wise, I wouldn’t consider this a niche blog but it is largely conformed of 07th’s Expansion titles around here and you’ll probably find more of that in the future. My interest for Higurashi and lately Umineko drives me to make posts having to do with them, even going as far as writing Umineko VN episodics and also solving whatever the reader couldn’t. I believe the 07th Expansion content around here is unique in the sphere and even rare in the internet. If such titles are  of interest to you or you’re an anime watcher then the content might interest you as I provide my own thoughts and information that wouldn’t be easily found elsewhere. You can tell the amount of time I spend on them by the long texts. If you aren’t interest in 07th Expansion titles then I can see how a great majority of the content might not be appealing to you.

I also deal with more serious anime Industry related topics and do commentary on “news” and what’s on right now but not as often as I would like.  That may change in the future. An example of the gaming industry post I made is the Mangagamer one. I also deal with first impressions posts. If I have to put it briefly then this is generally a place of commentary on Japan and Japanese related topics. If you find this post or the writing somewhat amusing then you just might get what this place is about.

Well, I’m not really interested in my victory here, however, I do appreciate being recognized. I’m actually more interested in  the next rounds and what will happen from here on out and to see what other blogs are out there. Good luck to the others! You at least have my vote.


9 thoughts on “AniBlog Tourney: Just as Planned is a lot like Britannia’s Theme (Read this)

  1. Yeah your blog is quite a not typical one, funny and has a lot of 07 stuff that’s what make it interesting.

    If I want to try an episode I prefer to get it and watch it instead of seeing reviews so a review blog one is boring in that sense.

    Just continue being like this.

  2. Still think that the Antiblog Tourney might become a mess, but we’ll see how it goes. I’ll make sure to vote for you if I see you on any poll.

  3. Still think that the Antiblog Tourney might become a mess, but we’ll see how it goes. I’ll make sure to vote for you if I see you on any poll.

    At the time of this post, you’re winning by 53% against Moe Check :D

    • Dammit, sorry for the double post. Anyways, you’re going against psgels if you win, one of my other favorite blogs :P. The pressure xD

      Let’s say…how many e-cookies are you willing to offer me so that I vote for you? xD

      • Nah, not really interested in going against more established blogs. This is just for fun.

        Kumasawa will bake you some mackerel cookies if you still want to though XD

  4. I’m happy for you that your blog has been given some recognition. I’m not really interested in the tournament itself, but you’re currently winning.
    I like this blog because it’s different. It’s one of the few that makes me want to leave a comment, instead of only reading the entries. So, I wish you good luck in the tournament!

  5. This whole aniblog tourney is ALREADY spawning a ton of shit talking and drama from people.

    But hey, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles when it comes to popularity contests and such. Either way, may the best blog win.

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