First Impressions: The Tatami Galaxy – Where-the-run-on-sentences-are-at

“Sempai, do you know what commas are?”

At least it feels that way. Take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale. Remember that episode when Yuki starts explaining the great mysteries of the world and no one seems to follow what she is saying exactly? That is probably it, only that on top of that you fastforward it and try to make even sense of it. Tatami Galaxy or Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei is aggressive from the start and doesn’t pay attention to properly going on the great details of the story, so much it feels like a train is running you over.

The story, and I quote: “follows a nameless protagonist who is a third-year college student. The protagonist looks back at the earlier years of his college life and his adventures with a particular club.” The show starts with the main character meeting a man who refers to him as the  god of matchmaking with more success than e-harmony and otaku crush combined. He knows of the main character’s situation and plans to make a mess out of it if he doesn’t intervene. The story goes from there and back and forth explaining his, his not-so-best friend’s life, and of the girl he likes.

Tatami Galaxy is fast and witty. Maybe not so witty if your eyes can’t move to the speed of sound and  you can’t process things at the level of a data processing machine.  The biggest negative factor of the show is the ferociously fast narration which was gives a good match to Excel‘s tongue twister ramblings and Yuki’s computer mode. TG almost crosses the line of just being just plain hard to follow to impossible to get. To my great delight, the show suddenly becomes a lot more enjoyable in the second half once they reduce their speed of over +125khm before they completely crashed and burned. Its character designs were rough as they could get but fortunately for the show  it doesn’t stop it from being enjoyable. You can attribute it greatly to the surprisingly Shaftly like animation, which I doubt I could’ve enjoyed it as much without it otherwise.

Bottom line is that I liked the first episode of Tatami Galaxy but in my opinion much of the entertainment was sucked right of the show trying to keep up with the subtitles. I can see how Japanese speakers could handle it but for those such as myself who heavily rely on subtitles it was overwhelming, maybe enough for someone  to avoid it after this. The greatest redeeming factor of the show was the interaction between the main character and Akashi, the girl he can’t confess his feelings to and the interesting story of the show.

Great material if you feel confident that future zero punctuation moments would not bother you at all, otherwise beware because Tatami Galaxy needs some breathing lessons.


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