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Welcome to the world of DMC or rather to the live action version of it. Bow down before the greatest demon from hell which deeds are more legendary than we’ll ever know. He has come to take over the world and enslave all humanity with his music.

Negishi is just a simple country boy that came to Tokyo to fulfill his dream to become a musician and let world hear his “sweet” music. Destiny got in his way and he end up joining a metal metal which stands for everything he is not, meaning GREATNESS.

Negishi or Krauser-san is much worshiped by his loyal fans and has become an extreme force to be recon with. The manager  here in the live action gets as usual work up whenever Negishi makes the stupid mistake of telling her he wants doesn’t want to be part of the band anymore. Both the other DMC members actors play his roles perfectly. The bloomer guy is practically made to play that character.

Negishi’s music is so sweet it makes you puke as one of Krauss’s followers mentions. Unlike Krauss, Negishi doesn’t have much of an audience and his is closer to zero. The only one who listens to his music is a white poodle. How lame is that? I’d like not to know. I’m actually surprised the  police didn’t run him out from the place. His singing should not be permitted around the public.

Krauser branding people

oh no, she didn’t!

There are multiple scenes that are the same of those in the anime so for most part they are faithful to the anime. Krauser-san in here tries to be in both places with his date with Yuri and to also attend a band interview. The one interviewing DMC makes the mistake of bossing Krauss around. Krauser-san leaves hell as he pleases.

yo yo yo yo yo

Rapper from NY gets easily owned by Krauss-san.

Damn. Death Rap

Osaka is its next target. DMC taking over Japan.. then the WORLD

hoes can’t compete

Following the president’s plan Krauser enters the stage and accidentally hangs himself up scaring the opposing group to death. She can’t even move. She knows fear when she sees it. Krauser is too crazy for her.

Negishi is in fact being suffocated but it’s always hilarious how the situations always play in his favor. In this version there aren’t any more appearances from this group main’s singer unlike the anime and rather only focuses on the main characters.

“nice tambourine”

When Yuri goes on a date with a music producer because Negishi didn’t have the balls to ask her out himself he follows them to the amusement park. Krauser meets his friend from college in previous occasions but he always runs away. When they do meet at the bathroom Krauser gives him a pet talk from hell and the confidence he needs. In the end, he tells him to stay away from demons such as himself. Unfortunately, there’s no tambourine raping this time around.

Looking both Yuri and music producer guy walk away together

Don’t touch Krauser-san!

DMC’s most loyal fan has been working to earn enough money so he can attend all DMC’s concerts. The little brat here hits Krauser-san in the stomach when he enters the stage looking for Yuri and company. RED lets the kid off with a warning that  if he does touch Krauss again he WILL kill him. The kid is horrified and the audience runs away too. Red then HEADBUTTS the producer dude when he messes with Krauser-san. Blue and Yellow go wild too.

absolute control over lesser beings

Negishi returns back home after temporary leaving the band because he goes emo after that encounter with Yuri. He learns that his little brother has become a DMC fan and is acting up and not helping around the house. Same as the anime he teaches him what he needs to be a true demon lord is right here. Like being a great farmer is a perfect start to train for world domination.

I should learn to drive one of those

His mother knew all along Negishi was Krauser but she never really says it. She gives him a good luck charm and tells him to give it to Krauser when he sees him again, with that Negishi returns to his DMC fans after the terrorist from hell is moved by their letters asking for his return.

eye of the tiger

Demonic cow

Death metal Icon Jack is retiring for good. He is in a world tour in order to defeat all metal bands and  to look for his successor if that’s possible. DMC is in the way and the manager has the chance she always wanted in her wet dreams.

Krauser handling this cow like he’s dealing with baby seals

Krauser wasn’t gone he just just visited hell to dig a grave for old senile Jack and better believe Krauser is serious – the mark on his forehead has gone from Kanji to English. Even though the “Death Cow” terrorizes the other DMC members, Krauser easily tames Death Cow then claims that he’ll bebe Jack too. That’s something you have to see for yourself.

“Fuckingham Palace”

On a battle between Krauser and Jack both of them compete on which they are better. Jack takes the guitar and Krauser goes on a long ‘fuck’ chanting driving the fans insane. Both of them are at their limits.

The center of the stage literally explodes because of an electrical problem. Krauser and Jack are unconscious and they must get up to continue with the battle to crown the only metal king. Jack has his fans  and Krauss has his. The live action ends in one the most fitting way possible showing DMC ending it with Satsugai and the legend of DMC living on moving to additional greatness. Long live to DMC.

I think the live action was most satisfying. They really attempt to capture the same feeling as the anime version did which I used to think was not even possible. They couldn’t include all characters from the anime version such as the “Pig of Capitalism” or “Garo” and “Guro” and not Krauser-tan either but that’s fine because the live action was still a success. The true emperor from hell orders you that if you like DMC you should watch without a doubt the Live action. Highly recommend.


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  1. Best bizarre show in years. i have to watch it I just watch anime 1st episode

  2. The movie is the vanilla version of the anime ,but a good movie anyway.
    The anime is great and the manga awesome btw.

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