Gentlemen, I Want You to Remember this Day. The Day the World Ended Again


I want you to remember this day. I want you to remember the day of the world ceased to exist for today will be the day where once again the world as it is known will ends again whether known or unbeknownst to the world.

I want you to remember

That a day like today was prophesied for incredible events to come into existence as if the precise moment the world is to crumble blazing mythological and glowing divine figures will be riding down along legions of armored soldier with swords and long whips to a blue planet called earth.

I want you to remember

That deadly tornadoes will be on the way, that rains of fire and other unknown substances will unceremoniously ravish the tranquil face of earth on a day like this. That mystical tales and such were majestic stories told in ancient times served to explain their own origins as well as what they couldn’t. That even relying in a hundred faceless deities and obscure books in the next years to back up claims when the world ends, they won’t ever leave those scriptures and only serve for food of thought.

I want you to remember this message will also cease to exist in matter of hours as no one will receive it again once civilization is no more. That in doing so after hours will become a paradox. And if that is that case then the world exists in a paradox where the world is not over and old prophesies can be wrong, again.

Then I would like you to remember the day.

The day where nothing happened. I want you to remember the day where everyone had no difficulty marking the next day in a calendar after 24-hours. To remember no one’s iPhone with less than 20% remaining battery marked the day after today like any other day. To remember that nothing is over.

I want you remember

A day which was spent as it would have otherwise. A day when you pleasantly spent the afternoon seating on a tablet while conversing with others. To remember that while watching your favorite show or switching channels the moment commercials kicked, that hours later you were still normally breathing.

I want you to remember

There are many like you who do not believe in such prophesies who did not lose any sleep over it. Who did not pay it more attention than another repetitious already standard event when a shared fantasy of a group who expects a C-Rate movie to come into existence on a certain date never happens.

I want you to know and remember

The failed history of apocalypse and its coming that repeat themselves year after year with no real conclusion. To know that this is an event that will be repeated over and over until the actual end of time. To know that no matter how prepared humanity is if the world is to end it won’t be possible to causally walk up to the nearest shelter nor it will be possible to escape a world-reset. Know the living in constant fear is no way of living.

I want you to know

That if today, if today, when the hands of the clock mark the precise hour and minute the end is going to happen and rains of fire start come down, water turns red, and the world crumbles. That if that happens then I, like any skeptic unbeliever, will get on my knees and ask for forgiveness for all blunders to the world. If that happens the skeptic will have to apologize to all the millions who were not terrified of a postponed doomsday date since men had reason. Then the unbeliever will have to offer a most sincerely lengthy mea culpa to a world in shambles.

However the apologies of the skeptic will go unnoticed for they will be the last thing on anyone’s mind on that day.

I want you to remember

The inexplicable fascination with a world that ends. That the world will only stop being frantically concerned with it when it actually happens because then there won’t be anything to worry about anymore.

I want you to remember

That such ancient claims have not come to fruition for centuries.That the normality and fast moving world is only shaken by prophesies of the end of the world again yet it never stops and nothing happens again. That a day like today, you, my person, and the whole world hypothetically cease to exist again.

I want you to remember that, this tired dance will not be the first and it will not be the last time. Remember that this is not death but a cycle process humanity undergoes every so often after they are given an ultimatum, alas once again.

I want you to know

That the world will eventually reach its conclusion. That humanity will end as any empire and any living organism will reach its end eventually do.

However, that day is not today, the next day or the following day.

I want you to know

That you are more likely to perish by unceremoniously tripping over a banana than by a shower of colossal meteors on casual morning.

That though the world is filled with unexpected irony, is not that type of irony.

I want you to remember

Once again the date will be postponed some other year then another year after that. That the end of the world spectacle that is not neatly as organized or a private show known by anyone. That it is not to be seen neither at the present time and it will not be neither as flashy nor as depicted in its full accuracy. To remember that the end of the world is a fascination better to remain in the fantasy world for its better there. Though nothing is eternal, the end is not today or the next after that or following year or decade. That the actual end is unknown.

I want you to know

That the most pessimistic statement is that a person’s death is marked the moment they are born. The most optimistic statement is that they start to live the moment they are born. If this is the end then by the time you are reading this it is the moment humanity ends and also the moment it is reborn again.

Take a breather, because we are, for the thousand time, a post-apocalyptic world and nothing has really changed. So take a breather and do something you enjoy, world.

– Is that not what life is supposed to be about anyway.