Book of Shadows is not the sequel Corpse Party deserved but the sequel it needed


I confess am one of those awfully strange individuals who is of the outlandish opinion that horror ought to have a story, events that one can remember, and why not, characters who one can, fictional and hand-drawn as they may be, be memorable and important. Point is that the audience shouldn’t always believe all that the characters they are reading in a horror are going to perish horribly just because they inevitably are. Regardless of the outcome I would ask horror titles to not be so blatant about it. It’s possible they won’t meet their unspeakable demise. There is the possibility that somewhere there is a good end that no one expected it. That choice is up to the story. The final result only known the moment it happens – hard to predict, obscure. Continue reading


It’s totally fine to like Blood-C again

It’s all fun, moeblobing, and cake until twins get hurt.

It is Redemption week for Blood-C and word on the street is that Blood-C isn’t so sucky anymore. The idea that anything remotely happening in B-C was possible yet there was no luck thus far, but here it is. When there is show that is so off its track to a point that it being off its track even feels off one wonders what exactly it is going on. What did Blood-C need? This. A serious dose of this.

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