Umineko Requiem 46 [FINAL] – The Best Tea Party Ever

Only you Ryukishi. Only you. Requiem comes down like a hammer giving the world a metaphorical middle finger while it indulges in its theatergoer ways. And we are so ok with it. This Tea Party was the whole package. These games aim is to always top themselves on a different aspects. This Tea Party is practically everything everyone wanted to read, had theorized, and didn’t want to hear. The Best Tea Party Ever. Continue reading


Umineko Requiem 45 – The Rokkenjima Murder Case, S.S Van Dine

Clap. Clap. Clap. Earth to earth. Dust to dust. Illusions to Illusion. Illusions of a witch. Illusions of a crime. Time to take out the black sword that cuts through all the Witch’s illusions. After this see you in two weeks for the final two parts of the 7th Game.  Continue reading

Umineko Requiem 42 – Ecco qui Umineko in Modo Facile

Right-O. What everybody wants. Dear, Lie-Alaia, l&d-circulation and company. You are all amazing for having eeriest most strangely soothing bgs to date, I feel I’m being sucked into the sea of fragments of desire. I tell you one day we’ll have a My Italian Coach. One day, I tell you. Continue reading

Umineko Requiem 41 – This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

The return of the cynical and whimsical detective.

Just when we thought we couldn’t get any more morbid. It’s Witch day, theatergoers and it’s Requiem – the invitation to the grandstands of theatergoing. Y’know, it’s kinda hard to argue with a guy whose name has the word “Wright” in it.  Don’t y’ know?  Continue reading